Top 10 Zombie Movies in Hindi in 2023: You can’t Miss these Masterpiece

Today we are going to share the scary films that you will love watching and top-rated films are loved by Indian people these days, so we have come up with our favourite names. Each Film offers some great plot and storyline which make them unique. We have the ultimate Zombie Movies in Hindi that will blow your mind for sure.

If you are from India and want the Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubbed shows then this post would be the best for you. There are many films in our names from the South and Bollywood Industries and they are all-time favourites of viewers and critics, that is why we have selected that.

Top 10 Zombie Movies in Hindi 2023

1. The Dead 2

The Dead 2 is an exciting scary movie that came in India during a widespread disease outbreak. The story is about Nicholas Burton who is an American engineer who works with turbines and finds out that his girlfriend Ishani Sharma who is pregnant and is stuck near the slums of Mumbai. Nicholas wants to rescue her and goes on a dangerous journey with hungry ghosts.

The Dead 2 was released on January 2015. It is a movie made in the United Kingdom and the main language spoken is English. The film was directed by Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford. The talented cast includes Joseph Millson as Nicholas Burton, Meenu Mishra as Ishani Sharma, Anand Krishna Goyal as Javed.

2. Zombie Reddy

This is an exciting movie that shows the story of Rayalaseema. The main character in this film is Mario Reddy who is a video game designer and he and his friends get stuck in the middle of a haunted place. They had to fight to stay alive and find a safe way to leave that hunted place. You can watch this film from below as currently it is officially available on Youtube to watch for free.

The movie stars Teja Sajja as Mario Reddy, Anandhi as Nandini Reddy, Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie and R.J. Hemant as Kalyan. You can watch this film on Voot and YouTube. It’s a thrilling combination of horror and action.

3. G Zombie

The movie is a horror, sci-fi film which was released in 2021. In the movie, Sara who is a determined student who tries to make a medicine to keep people safe from getting sick. But something goes wrong with her experiment and people turn into scary zombies who want to eat others.

Top 10 Zombies Movies in 2023

Then Dhruva a brave hero played by Aryan Gowda comes to save everyone from the zombies. The movie is directed by Aryan Gowra and Deepu and written by Deepu and Aryan Gowra. It also stars Lokesh Achari, Rajsekhar Aningi and Gowtham Avula. You can watch this film on the Prime Video app.

4. Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone is an exciting movie that is a mix of comedy and horror. The story is of Goa, India and it shows a group of friends who go on a fun adventure to attend a party on an island. But things went wrong when they realize that the island is filled with scary zombies.

The movie stars Saif Ali Khan as Boris, Kunal Kemmu as Hardik, Vir Das as Luv, Anand Tiwari as Bunny and Puja Gupta as Luna. Go Goa Gone was released on May 2013 in India and can be watched on Jio Cinema, Zee5 and Youtube. These Zombie Movies in Hindi are worth watching and also there are some parts in Russian and English too.

5. Miruthan

Miruthan is the best and this is the story which is of a town where a traffic police officer named Karthik played by Jayam Ravi teams up with his friend and doctors to stay alive during a dangerous ghost attack. They have to hurry and find a cure to stop the infection from spreading.

The film also features Lakshmi Menon as Renuka, Kaali Venkat as Karthik’s friend and Anikha Surendran as Vidhya. Miruthan was released in theatres on February 2016 in the United States. You can watch it on MX Player and YouTube. The movie is in Tamil and has exiting scenes as the characters fight against a lot of zombies. The movie is available on Youtube in Hindi language, you can watch this above and the dubbed name is now Daring Rakhwala of the movie.

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6. Trip Zombie Movie

Trip is a scary and exciting movie which is directed by Dennis Manjunath. It’s about a group of friends who go on a trip to a thick forest. While they’re there they meet two strangers who they think might be killers. But things get even scarier when they realize they are actually trapped by real killers.

The movie has a great cast that includes Yogi Babu, Karunakaran and Sunaina. Yogi Babu is a funny actor who is known for making people laugh while Karunakaran and Sunaina are talented actors who have done many different roles in Tamil movies. Trip movie was released in February 2021 in India and currenlty it is available in Hindi and Tamil language. You can watch this film on SunNXT or YouTube app.

7. Rise Of Zombie

This is the best horror zombie film directed by Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh. The cast in this movie are Luke Kenny, Kirti Kulhari who is seen as Vinny, Ashwin who is playing this role of Anish Kohli and Benjamin Gilani will be seen as Dr Dave. You can watch the movie on Prime Video and Youtube where it is available for free at this time.

The story is about Neil Parker who is a photographer and loves wildlife so much that he forgets about his relationships with people. When his girlfriend leaves him, he becomes lonely and isolates himself. But something unexpected happens and changes him completely and this is really the best Zombie Movies in Hindi at this time.

Neil goes through a dark transformation and the he see the rise of a monster inside him. He becomes heartless, evil and unable to control himself. The Rise of the Zombie was released in India on April 2013. It is an Indian movie filmed in Uttarakhand and mostly spoken in Hindi.

8. Pallu Padama Paathuka

Pallu Padama Paathuka is the best in our article that is a horror and comedy mix. It is directed by Vijay Varadaraj and the story is of five young people who are feeling desperate and decide to go into a deserted forest to end their lives. But things take an unexpected turn when they discover that the forest is filled with zombies. The main character of the movie must find a way to escape the zombie attack and save his love interest from a dangerous zombie monster.

The movie stars talented actors such as Sanchita Shetty, Sathya, Oviya, Motta Rajendran, Ramesh, Hareesh Peradi, Adolf Hitler, Rishikanth, Dinesh and Mahesh. Their performances bring a mix of humour and suspense to the story.

Pallu Padama Paathuka was released in India on March 2023 which is latest film. It is available in Hindi and Tamil language. You can watch this film on Prime Video and on TamilPlay and currenlty it is not available on Youtube as this is the latest film.

9. Zombie

Top 10 Zombies Movies in 2023

This is a Tamil movie that was released in September 2019 in India. It’s a funny and scary film about a group of people who get stuck in a resort when there’s a zombie outbreak. Their main goal is to make a plan to escape from the resort and stay safe from the scary dead people.

The movie has a great cast including Yaashika Aanand, Yogi Babu, Piston Raj, Manobala, Bijili Ramesh, Petta Philips, T.M. Karthik Srinivasan, John Vijay and Inspector Panner Selvam. These actors do a fantastic job in the movie and make it both entertaining and scary. This movie is a mix of comedy and horror films, so it’s a unique and exciting movie to watch.

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10. Zombivli

Zombivli is best horror movie available in Marathi language. The story of this film is of Dombivli which is a city in Mumbai and is about a deadly virus that spreads in the city and causes fear among the public. The main character along with friends goes on a dangerous journey to stay alive during this attack.

The show has a great cast like Siddarth Jadhav, Vignesh Joshi, Janardan Kadam, Tushar Khair, Trupti Khamkar, Vijay Nikam, Vaidehi Parshurami and director Seema Sudhir Deshmukh. This film is directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and was released in theatres on January 2022 and currently streaming online on the Zee5 app.


Today in this article, we have given you shared our favourite post which is available on Amazon Prime and Netflix and we also shared some top rated films of all time in this article which are available online for Free.

You can watch any of the films online on Ott apps, also most of these movies are available on Youtube and we have already attached the links and videos above, so you can directly watch it there. These zombies movies have a mix of scary, action and funny moments. These movies like Go Goa Gone and G Zombie are available in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi. You can watch them on platforms such as Voot, YouTube and Prime Video.


Where can I watch the movie Zombie Reddy?

You can watch this film on Voot and YouTube and currenlty it is streaming there for free in Hindi langauge.

Are Zombie Movies Horror?

Yes, these films are horror like Go Goa Gone and Miruthan.

Which Zombie Movie is Best?

There are many films in 2023 that you can watch but some of the best film is Go Goa Gone, Zobie Reddy, etc.

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