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OMG 2 is now back which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role and its release date is also out now. The movie will feature Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam will join him as the female star. Viacom18 Studios announced some leaks of Omg 2 on Twitter, along with a poster shared by Akshay Kumar himself.

The makers have revealed a poster on Twitter which shows Akshay Kumar dressed as Lord Shiva who wore a blue outfit. This OMG 2 poster not only reveals the launch date but also makes viewers excited about the movie’s unique story. The film is directed by Amit Rai and produced under Rajesh Behl and Ashwin Varde.

Omg 2 Release Date Revealed by Makers

OMG 2 Release Date

According to the latest updates, OMG 2 release date is 11 August 2023 in theatres across India. This date is special because one other film will come in theatres, that is Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 which will create a big clash because both of them are the grand film of the year.

The movie that will compete with OMG 2 is Gadar 2 which features famous actors Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. Viewers are really excited about this film too and it will be a big success. With all three movies releasing on the same day, it will be a tough decision for viewers to choose one film to watch on day 1. OMG 2 is a funny comedy-drama film which Amit Rai has written and directed. It is a continuation of the 2012 film OMG. The cast of the film’s top actors with Akshay Kumar.

OMG 2 Ban and Controversy

OMG 2 is famous for actors Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi. But the censor board has some problems with the film so they said it is not allowed to be shown right now. They want to take a closer look at it before deciding. The movie is all about sex education and it is a topic that some people think should be taught to kids in school while others don’t agree. The first part of the movie also had some controversies about this same topic.

Also, Paresh Rawal decided not to be a part of the movie anymore because he didn’t like the story and how it was going to be. His decision got a lot of attention from people. Even with the ban, they still released a short video showing a part of the movie with Akshay Kumar as a character of Lord Shiva.

So now, lots of people are talking about this movie and it is making everyone wonder if sex education should be included in school and if this movie should be allowed to be shown. We will have to wait and see what the review committee of the censor board says about it. This is a big issue and Akshay Kumar is now in big tension because of this as this was his career-saving film after a lot of flops.

Who are the Omg 2 Cast?

The film OMG 2 features the industry’s top cast like Akshay Kumar who is in the main role. Aamir Naik also joins the cast as a policeman. The movie features other talented actors like Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, Arun Govil who has played Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar Ramayan, Fahim Fazli as Kahan Baba, Naveen Singh, Parth Siddhpura, Rajiv Kachroo, Shriidhar Dubey as Chandu Padiyal, Vedika Nawani as Sophie will feature in the movie.

Also, Kabir Sadanand has performed a small role, Simran Sharma will play the role of mother, James Ghadge as Yash, Nrbarz as a doctor, Abhishek Chouksey, Amir Ali Shaik, Sumit Nagar as Kamini’s Assistant 2, Hemant Soni as a middle-aged man, Parag Chhapekar as the medical shop owner, and Santosh Singh will be seen in Akshay Kumar OMG 2 movie.

OMG 2 Release Date
Cast NamesCharacters played
Akshay KumarNot known at this time
Aamir NaikPoliceman
Yami GautamNot known at this time
Pankaj TripathiNot known at this time
Arun GovilLord Ram
Fahim FazliKahan Baba
Naveen SinghNot known at this time
Parth SiddhpuraNot known at this time
Rajiv KachrooNot known at this time
Shriidhar DubeyChandu Padiyal
Vedika NawaniSophie
Kabir SadanandNot known at this time
Simmran SharmaMother
James GhadgeYash
Abhishek ChoukseyNot known at this time
Amir Ali ShaikNot known at this time
Sumit NagarKamini’s Assistant 2
Hemant SoniMiddle Aged Man
Parag ChhapekarMedical Shop Owner
Santosh SinghNot known at this time

Omg 2 Storylines and Plot

The plot of the OMG 2 is not available at this time but according to the previous season of the film, we saw a man named Kanji Lalji Mehta who doesn’t believe in God and owns a shop. One day, an earthquake destroys his shop, and his family and friends blame his lack of faith for the disaster. To get justice Kanji decides to sue God for the damages caused.

Kanji wants help in OMG 2 starting from Hanif Qureshi who is a lawyer who agrees to take his case. They file a lawsuit against religious leaders and an insurance company. He finds support from Krishna Vasudev Yadav who is a mysterious person who claims to have supernatural powers and a connection to god. The story explores themes of belief, spirituality and the clash between religious traditions and personal perspectives. It raises thought-provoking questions about the existence and role of a higher power.

Gadar 2

Omg 2 Official Trailer

On the poster, there is a sentence that reveals the release date of OMG 2 which is 11 August 2023. The sentence says, Aa rahe hain hum aur aap bhi aayiyega. This actor shared the message on both Twitter and Instagram to announce the upcoming release of the new OMG 2 movie. The film will feature in cinemas all across the country.

Omg 2 Budget and Box Office Collections

The makers have kept the budget of the OMG 2 of 150 crores INR which is a decent budget film and it has performed well at the cinema considering its budget. According to trade experts, the film will have an opening of 20 Crores INR on day 1. The numbers can be higher if other films like Gadar 2 and Animal will not release on the same day at theatres. The box office collections will divide because of the 3 grand releases of 2023.

Omg 2 OTT Release Date and Platform

After 2 or 3 months, Films release on online streaming on OTT platforms, and this will also happen with OMG 2. After a few weeks of its theatrical release, when the movie will earn some amount at the box office, it will release on the OTT platform. Many people will be able to watch OMG 2 full movie online through the OTT app. The app will release a trailer on Youtube one week before the online release, and you can find this news on the social media profiles of the OTT platform.


That is all for this article. Today, we have discussed all the important information about Omg 2 and we will update any future updates on this movie here first. So, you can recheck all the updated information anytime on this page.


What is Omg 2 movie release date in theatres?

The confirmed official release date of Omg 2 is 11 August 2023 according to the latest updates. The movie has some issues with censor board but now its launch date is final.

Who are lead cast in the Omg 2 movie?

Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi and Amitabh Bachchan are the main cast of the film.

What is the budget for the Omg 2 movie?

The budget of the movie is approximately 150 Crores in Indian rupees.

Who is the director of Omg 2?

Famous director Amit Rai has directed the movie OMG 2.

Who is the producer of Omg 2?

Rajesh Bahl has produced the movie.

Is OMG 2 movie postponed?

No, Akshay Kumar OMG 2 is not postponed at this time but it has some issues with the censor board which will be fixed soon.

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