Top 10 Books To Read: by Indian Authors 2023:

If you are a reader and if you want to know everything regarding the best books by Indian authors 2023, then this article is what you need to go through. This article will provide you all the information regarding the upcoming books to read by Indian authors.

Top 10 Books To Read by indian authors in 2023 overview

The following table provides the names of the top 10 books to read along with their authors.

#Book NameAuthor
1AssassinK.R. Meera
2The nemesisManoranjan Byapari’s Chandal
3Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in IndiaK. Vaishali
4History’s AngelAnjum Hasan
5Meru: the alloy eraS.B. Divya
6Victory CitySalman Rushdie
7Medical Maladies: Stories of Disease and Cure from Indian LanguagesHaris Qadeer
8The bandit queensParini Shroff
9Ratan N. Tata: a lifeDr. Thomas Mathew
10Breaking Barriers: the Story of a Dalit Chief SecretaryKaki Madhava Rao
Top 10 Books To Read

1. Assassin

K.R. Meera, the author of the upcoming novel, “Assassin”

Assassin, K.R. Meera’s highly anticipated book, is destined to top all other literary bestsellers in 2023. This book is about a woman’s search for justice, identity, and equity in contemporary India and is to be published in July 2023.

Satyapriya is the female protagonist of the book Assassin. Her quest to learn the truth about her assailant’s identity and motive sets off a series of events that will force her to face both her own troubled past and the realities of India in the twenty-first century.

2. The nemesis

The Nemesis

The sequel to Manoranjan Byapari’s Chandal Jibon trilogy, The Nemesis, which is being eagerly awaited after his first book, The Runaway Boy, which chronicled Jibon’s tragic childhood as an impoverished refugee from East Pakistan during Partition, has been brilliantly translated from Bengali by V Ramaswamy.

It keeps the reader interested in and involved in Jibon’s life, which is a never-ending saga of trials and tribulations brought on by extreme poverty in the early 1970s. He is compelled by his unfortunate circumstances to continue evading situations.

3. Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India

Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India

Vaishali, the protagonist, starts to work over her worries related to reading and writing after learning she is a lesbian and dyslexic at the age of 20. The narrative depicts Vaishali’s relationship with her many truths and those of numerous young Indians.

4. History’s Angel

History’s Angel

Anjum Hasan, the author of History’s Angel skillfully and gently examines the life of Muslims in India as well as the force and consequence of remembering your people’s history under a system that wishes to forget it in this darkly humorous, astutely observed, and startlingly emotional novel.

5. Meru: the alloy era

Meru: The Alloy Era

S.B. Divya, a Hugo and Nebula Award finalist, has written an epic space opera about aspiration, compassion, and atonement in which one woman and her pilot are going to alter the course of the species.

6. Victory City

Victory City

Victory City is a fantasy by Salman Rushdie. The narrator of this tale tells a recently-rediscovered epic poem written in Sanskrit by Pampa Kampana that details the history of Bisnaga, a city she founded with the magical abilities bestowed upon her by the goddess who lived there.

7. Medical Maladies: Stories of Disease and Cure from Indian Languages

Medical Maladies: Stories of Disease and Cure from Indian Languages

In this ground-breaking anthology, 19 remarkable short stories from Indian languages—Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kashmiri, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Odia, and Urdu—that have been translated into English are collected to show the diversity of medical cultures in India.

The captivating and thought-provoking tales tackle a variety of themes and subjects, including, among others, the personal and societal crises that arise during epidemics, medical pluralism, patient care, medical paternalism, disease-mongering, medicalization, and medical ethics.

8. The bandit queens

The Bandit Queens

With intelligence, wit, and a certain type of magical irreverence, Parini Shroff portrays the intricacy of female friendship. The Bandit Queens is heartfelt, surprising, and filled with hilarious moments.

9. Ratan N. Tata: a life

Ratan Tata: A Life

The entire authorised biography by Dr. Thomas Mathew, is about one of the most influential businessmen in the world, Ratan Tata, which is now available to readers for the first time.

10. Breaking Barriers: the Story of a Dalit Chief Secretary

Breaking Barriers: the Story of a Dalit Chief Secretary

Breaking Barriers: the Story of a Dalit Chief Secretary, written by former IAS officer Kaki Madhava Rao, covers a knowledge gap about micropolicies and governance while also addressing specifics about the dynamics of the civil service on the ground.


Q 1: Who is the author of “The Nemesis”?

Ans. Manoranjan Byapari, a Bengali writer who originally wrote “The Nemesis”, which is translated in English by V Ramaswamy.

Q 2: The Biography of Ratan Tata is written by?

Ans. Dr. Thomas Mathew wrote the biography of Ratan Tata.

Q 3: What is the genre of “Meru: The Alloy Era”?

Ans: Meru is a science-fiction written by S.B. Divya.

Q 4: Who is the autor of Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India?

Ans: K. Vaishali is the autor of Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India?

Q 5: Who is the writer of History’s Angel?

Ans: Anjum Hasan is the writer of History’s Angel

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