Special Ops Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storylines, When It is Coming?

Special Ops Season 2 is now coming which was the most awaited series and now its release date is also out. Neeraj Pandey is a famous director who is famous for ‘A Wednesday,’ ‘Special 26’ and ‘MS Dhoni movies and he made his entry into online streaming in 2020 with his series Special Ops. The web series has got more than 8.6 Stars out of 10 with more than 35K people ratings. Now, after two years, viewers are waiting for the second part of this popular series.

Finally, this exciting series is now announced by the makers and now it is in shooting mode, you will see talented actors like Kay Kay Menon, Karan Tacker, and Vinay Shukla. The new season will be even better and has already generated a lot of excitement on the internet. The writing work is almost finished and the makers are preparing for production and shooting will start in October.

Special Ops Season 2 Release Date

When is the Special Ops Season 2 Release Date?

The action-packed series is now announced by the makers. According to a recent announcement, Special Ops Season 2 will release in June 2024 after the shooting work starts in October 2023.

Director Neeraj Pandey has big plans for this upcoming part and the production team will start shooting very soon as they made this news public a few times ago. They are creating intense scenes in different places like Mumbai, Delhi, and also abroad to give you the complete vibe of the previous part.

Who will be Special Ops Season 2 Star Cast?

In the upcoming part of Special Ops, the amazing cast from the first season will be back Kay Kay Menon will return as Himmat Singh who is the mysterious RAW agent with a calm personality. Karan Tacker will be back in his role as Farooq Ali who is also an agent.

Gautami Kapoor will make a powerful comeback as Saroj, and Muzamil Ibrahim will play the role of Avinash. Anuj Sharma can be his comeback in the new episodes. We will also see the return of Akdas Hayat as Himmat Singh’s loyal friend and Op Jangid as a dedicated soldier but they are not confirmed at this time. You can check the complete list below who will appear in new episodes.

Who will be Special Ops Season 2 Star Cast?
  1. Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh
  2. Karan Tacker as Farooq Ali
  3. Gautami Kapoor as Saroj
  4. Muzamil Ibrahim as Avinash
  5. Anuj Sharma as Various Characters
  6. Akdas Hayat as Himmat Singh’s Friend
  7. Op Jangid as Soldier
  8. Vinay Pathak as Abbas Sheikh
  9. Meher Vij as Ruhani Syed
  10. Sajjad Delafrooz as Hafiz Ali
  11. Saiyami Kher as Juhi Kashyap
  12. Rajat Kaul as Ismail Hassan
  13. Parmeet Sethi as Naresh Chaddha
  14. Vipul Gupta as Balakrishna Reddy
  15. Sana Khan as Sonya
  16. Kaliprasad Mukherjee as D.K. Banerjee
  17. Karan Ashar as Karan
  18. Divya Dutta as Sadia Qureshi
  19. Revathi Pillai as Pari
  20. Pakkhi Guptaa as Farah Qureshi
  21. S.M. Zaheer as Noor Baqsh
  22. Mir Sarwar as Hamid
  23. Sharad Kelkar as Surya Kumar
  24. Tushar Dutt as Taxi (Ravinder)
  25. Tanaya Sachdeva as Aditi Rao
  26. Sohaila Kapur as Sujata Thapar
  27. Birendra Gupta as Habib Naik
  28. Pawan Chopra as Chintan
  29. Devas Dixit as Lallan
  30. Ankur Dabas as Lallan’s Driver

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What can be Special Ops Season 2 Storylines?

The story will continue from the first season where RAW agent Himmat Singh and his team work all around the world to stop a dangerous terrorist who attacks in a specific pattern. The new episodes will show the deep and risky world with Himmat Singh and also reveal the mastermind behind it.

The exact details of the plot for Season 2 are still not revealed by Makerfs but you can expect lots of suspense, action, and surprising twists. The first part left everyone with questions about a partially burnt passport that Himmat Singh found. So, that can contain some clues about the terrorist’s identity and motives. Let us see, what happens in the upcoming part and what twist we will get to see.

Special Ops Ending Explained for Next Part

The ending of Special Ops surprised everyone where the series show agent Himmat Singh who is on a 19-year mission to catch a dangerous terror mastermind. The director Neeraj Pandey revealed important details in each episode which keeps the surprise intact.

As the ending comes, everyone expected a satisfying conclusion but it took an unexpected turn. When the main villain, Ikhlaq Khan leaves a mysterious message hinting at a hidden secret even in his last moments. Then, the real tension increases and the focus shifts to two sisters Sadia and Farah Qureshi. Their involvement in the terror plot is not confirmed but the suspense is now on the peek in the hearts of viewers as they never carried the suicide bomb. This will be released in the upcoming episodes which will be interesting.

Where Special Ops Season 2 Will Stream Online?

As of my last update, the specific online platform for Special Ops Season 2 hasn’t been announced but since the first part came on Disney+Hotstar, the next part will also come on the same platform but there is no official confirmation at this time.


In conclusion, now you should get ready for Special Ops Season 2 which is coming very soon. The first season was a big hit and this new part will create more suspense and action. The series is currently in shooting mode and once it completes the shooting phase then it will go into the post-production work, then at the end, you will get to see the premiere of the complete web series on Hotstar.


What is the Special Ops Season 2 series release date?

The release date is June 2024 according to the latest updates.

Who is the main cast in the Special Ops Season 2?

Kay Kay Menon, Karan Tacker, and Gautami Kapoor are the main cast of the film.

Who is the director of Special Ops?

Famous director Neeraj Pandey has directed this series.

Who is the producer of Special Ops Season 2?

Shital Bhatia produced the movie.

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