Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storylines, Updates, when Will It Come?

Kota Factory Season 3 is almost here and everyone is super excited for the release date announcement. The creators of this web series Viral Fever have announced that it will come soon on Netflix. The new episodes will be available in 2023 as of the latest leaks.

The Series will continue the story that fans love and introduce some new and interesting characters. You will see your favourite faces again and learn more about the lives of Kota’s students. This series is very popular and has 9 Stars out of 10 on IMDb. Kota Factory is the best motivational series for students at this time which has got thousands of positive reviews.

Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date

When Will Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date Announce?

The makers of the series have given a hit which is a popular streaming platform in India. According to the latest updates, Kota Factory Season 3 will come in October 2023. TVF hasn’t announced the official date, we can guess based on when the previous part was made. Netflix got the rights to show part 2 of this series worldwide in March 2021 and that means they made it pretty quickly because each part only had five episodes.

You can find the latest episodes on Netflix in 2023 when it will come there. The new episodes will not be available on Youtube at first as it will be paid series. This web series has become very popular and everyone is waiting for its new episode.

Who Will Be New Cast?

Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date

The cast has really talented actors like Mayur More who plays Vaibhav Pandey, Jitendra Kumar seen as Jeetu Bhaiya who is the boss of this series, Ranjan Raj is Balmukund Meena, Alam Khan is Uday Gupta, Revathi Pillai is Vartika Ratawal, Urvi Singh is Meenal Parekh, Harish Peddinti is Bablu, Ahsaas Channa is Shivangi Ranawat, Sameer Saxena is Maheshwari Sir, Vaibhav Thakkar is Sushrut Patel, Arun Kumar is Deepak, Akdas Hayat is a student at Maheshwari, Abhishek Jha is Maheshwari’s Assistant, Sachin Vidrohi is Alok and Op Jangid is a student.

These actors have already played their roles in previous episodes and they will be playing them again in part 3. They bring so much life to their characters and make the story of Kota Factory interesting and relatable. We are really excited to see these talented actors in action once more when part 3 will come.

What can be Expected of Kota Factory Season 3 Storylines?

The plot of the upcoming episodes is not revealed at this time. But as we saw in the previous parts, Vaibhav faces new challenges in Maheshwari classes. With his friend Sushrut by his side, Vaibhav enters the institute and sees a billboard featuring the famous Jeetu Bhaiya. The orientation of Kota Factory Season 3 led by M. Maheshwari makes Vaibhav feel down. The Physics class turns out to be uninteresting, as students mindlessly copy from the board. Meanwhile, Vaibhav’s old friends at Prodigy classes discover that Jeetu Bhaiya has left the institute.

As they worry about Sushrut’s well-being, Vaibhav realizes that his friend is feeling depressed and questioning the importance of the Jee exam. They take support from other senior students who share similar concerns. Their journey leads them to Jeetu who is now focused on building his own institute. Vaibhav’s friends talk to Jeetu about Sushrut’s worries for guidance and help.

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When is Kota Factory Season 3 Official Trailer Coming?

As per recent reports, we can expect that part 3 of the popular web series Kota Factory 3 will be released in Late 2023. There have been rumours suggesting that The Viral Fever who are the creators, will release the official trailer in Late 2023. Also, many fan-made trailers are available on Youtube at this time which has got millions of views.

At this time, no official announcements about the official trailer shared by the makers. When the trailer will come official then we will provide you with all the latest updates on the series. In the time, you can enjoy part 1 and part 2 on YouTube and Netflix.

You can enjoy the complete series on Netflix and all the previous episodes are available there too. You can visit the Netflix website or download the Netflix app on your device to enjoy all the episodes of Kota Factory.


Is Kota Factory Season 3 Confirmed?

Yes, the new part of the Kota Factory has been confirmed and it will be announced soon by makers.

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