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The national animal of India is The Bengal Tiger! Which is awesome. The scientific name of this animal is Panthera Tigris, it is the most common animal found in places like subcontinent like India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh. However, it is rarely found in countries like Tibet. But according to the figures of 2018 in our country India, it is the highest. Which is considered to be the total population of Tigers around 2,603 ​​to 3,346.

History Of National Animal Of India :

If we talk about now then the national animal of India is Bengal Tiger. Bengal Tiger was declared as the national animal of India on 18th November 1972 by The Indian Board for Wildlife. And even before this other animals have also been national animals. As before the Bengal Tiger, the national animal Lion of our India was created by Vanyaji Gaur in 1969. But it was changed to Bengal Tiger on 18 November 1972 by The Indian Board for Wildlife.

Who is the national animal of India?

The national animal of our India is the tiger.


What is the scientific name of tiger?

Scientific name – Panthera tigris Linnaeus.

Especially it is very important in exam paper.

Because if you are giving TET Exam of any state. So there are maximum chances of being asked this question. Because first it is a national animal, secondly it is related to wildlife. That’s why you understand it well.

Why was the tiger made the national animal?

The tiger was made the national animal on 18 November 1972. Despite having so many animals in India, why was the tiger made the national animal out of them?
So this is the reason why the tiger has been made the national animal! Because of its decency, firmness, agility and immense power, the tiger was made the national animal! The tiger was made the national animal on 18 November 1972. Its nickname is Joe. The tiger is also called the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is asked many times in the exam paper. What is the nickname of that tiger? And Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th July.

Who was the national animal of India before Tiger?

Before the tiger, the national animal of India was the Lion. Lion was made the national animal of India on 9th July 1969. The tiger was made the national animal of India on 18 November 1972. But there is a demand to make Lion the national animal again. Along with this, discussion is also raised to make mother cow the national animal of India. But in the present time, the national animal of India is the tiger only.

More About the History of India’s National Animal

The story goes that the tiger had to battle against the fearsome Lion to carve it’s place as the national animal of India. And the tiger won but more on that later you might wonder. Why exactly is the tiger so important the answer is a little complex. But let’s try and explain. The tiger is the apex predator. And is at the very top of the food chain. So basically their presence indicates the well-being of an ecosystem.

What a cool cat. Now let’s talk about the fascinating for the tiger in india. As for back as 5,000 years ago. It was depicted on the famed Pashupati seal excavated from an indus valley civilization sit. Tipu Sultan in an attempt to intimidate his enemy the British army got a life-sized wooden tiger maid showing the animal mauling a British soldier.

And get this. It was a whole contraption with moving limbs. And a musical instrument to imitate the soldier dying painfully. Talk about psychological warfare. When RBI Decided on its official emblem. They chose not to go with the east india company’s lion and palm tree Mohan. But with the tiger and palm tree. It was felt. That the tiger was just more indian.

In fact the lion was originally declared the national animal of India. But in 1973 the lofty status was granted to the tiger. The reason was the tiger was important worldwide. And was distributed across 16 states of the country. While the Asiatic lion was found only Gujarat. But also tigers urgently needed to be protected.

Projected tiger aimed to establish many tiger reserves in India. So for 52 tiger reserves have been established in the country under this project. Covering an area of over 72,000 square kilometers. That’s a lot of space. And the reason is a tiger needs a relatively large territory talk about needing.

Personal space and still india is home to over 70 percent of the world’s tigers. Unlike Lions tigers don’t fight for a kill. Tigers have occasionally even shared a kill. And the male tiger often Waits for the female tigers and cubs to finish eating. Unlike any other predatory animal a true gentleman indeed. Among the ladies in this species india had a pretty popular one called muchly.

A Tiger whose name meant fish. Considering the fact that tigers are among the very few cats who like to swim. It isn’t surprising. That a tiger was named muchly. But actually it’s believed that the fish mark on her face is what earned her that name. Also no to tigers have the same pattern of stripes and so although. They all look similar they are actually as unique as a QR Code.

We often hear of incidents where tigers would enter colleges houses. And human settlements to be fair the tiger doesn’t encroach upon our territory it is we who remove them from their habitat. And occupy all their land. Conserving their natural habitat is of utmost importance. And India’s tiger reserves have been established for this very purpose for decades now. India has been at the forefront of efforts to save the tiger population. Read More Info Animal Welfare Board Of India

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