Meg 2 OTT Release Date, Updates, Story, When Will It Come Online?

Meg 2 is a new movie which has got a great response from the audience and now its OTT release date is out. The movie has an amazing cast like Jason Statham, Sophia, and Page and it is directed by Ben Wheatley. The film came out on 4 August in theatres and critics have given it good reviews.

The film is performing very well at the theatres but now it is coming to a digital platform and also makers have done some announcements about this film, so we will discuss that too. Meg 2 the trench has got positive reviews from over 60% of viewers who praised the interesting story and outstanding performances.

Meg 2 OTT Release Date

When Will Meg 2 OTT Release Date Announce?

The movie is now streaming in the theatres from 4 August 2023. According to recent leaks, the Meg 2 movie will come in October 2023 on OTT Platform on Disney + Hotstar. So, you can enjoy the exciting film online after a few weeks.

During the OTT premiere, you will be able to enjoy its thrilling rescue missions, intense action scenes, and amazing visual effects that have made MEG 2 a hit film. Currenlty, it is still running in the cinema halls and doing an amazing box office collection but as its theatrical comeback gets over, you will get to see its online premiere soon.

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Who will be Meg 2 Star Cast?

The latest movie Meg 2 has amazing actors like Jason Statham who plays the role of brave Jonas Taylor again. Also, Cliff Curtis will be the character of James Mac. Shuya Sophia Cai will be seen as Meiying, while Skyler Samuels and Melissanthi Mahut will also play their role. Page Kennedy plays the role of DJ and Jing Wu is also in the cast. There are other casts like Whoopie Van Raam, Kiran Sonia Sawar, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta and all are very talented and have worked in previous films.

Who will be Meg 2 Star Cast?

This is an exciting rescue mission with dangerous sharks. Jason Statham, Cliff Curtis, Shuya Sophia Cai, and the whole cast will make the action scenes more intense and this will be interesting to see them on the big screens.

  1. Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor
  2. Cliff Curtis as James ‘Mac’ Mackreides
  3. Shuya Sophia Cai as Meiying
  4. Skyler Samuels
  5. Melissanthi Mahut
  6. Page Kennedy as DJ
  7. Jing Wu
  8. Whoopie Van Raam
  9. Kiran Sonia Sawar as Sal
  10. Sergio Peris-Mencheta
  11. Able Wanamakok as Friend
  12. Billy Clements as Mercenary
  13. Ron Smoorenburg as Mercenary
  14. Felix Mayr as Lance
  15. Emily Ng as Waitress
  16. Kenneth Won as Club Guide
  17. Rui Shang as Party DJ
  18. Ricky Bevins as Technician
  19. Benny Bereal as Bodyguard

What can be Meg 2 Storylines?

The story of Meg 2 the Trench is about Jonas Taylor who is played by Jason Statham who now works as a rescue diver for an underwater mining company. His life changes when scary sharks attack the company’s base. As he investigates, he finds out a mean mining corporation is also after these ancient creatures which makes the mission more dangerous. There are other important characters played by Jing Wu, Shuya Sophia Cai, and Page Kennedy in the movie.

The film is directed by Ben Wheatley and they are showing a daring rescue in the movie with intense action scenes and an interesting story. The underwater journey is very interesting and the audience has given it the best ratings and reviews after enjoying it in the theatres.

Is Meg 2 The Trench Worth Watching?

In the movie, you will have a big adventure under the sea with ancient scary creatures. The director Ben wanted to make it more exciting than the first one but it wasn’t that much exciting. The story is about Jonas Taylor who cares a lot about the ocean and fights against people who pollute it.

There are huge and dangerous creatures like crocodiles and sharks in Meg 2 movie and also, you will see a giant shark that lived a long time ago. Jonas and his team went to explore the deep sea and they find some really cool glowing plants and mysterious animals. The trouble begins when a rich guy has a strange connection with one shark and then they faced a lot of challenges to survive. But as the story goes on, it gets a bit confusing with too many different things like terrorists and giant octopuses.

The actors in the movie didn’t seem to do their best, also some viewers complained about Statham who was not much excited this time. The special effects in the movie were really impressive but in some parts, they looked a bit fake. Overall, Meg 2 is a fun movie if you just want to see some action and scary sea creatures. The movie got a great public response on the first day, let us see how it performs at the box office.

Where Meg 2 Will Stream Online?

As of now, the official OTT platform for Meg 2 movie has not been disclosed by the makers. But you can wait for the announcement of the digital streaming platform. According to some leaks, Disney + Hostar can be its OTT platform but it is not confirmed by any trusted source.


In conclusion, Meg 2 The Trench is going to be an exciting movie that is coming online very soon. It has an amazing cast like Statham, Jing Wu, Shuya Sophia Cai, and Page and now everyone is waiting for the movie to come on OTT after its theatrical premiere on 4 August. Now you can wait for the official announcement which is going to happen soon and they will soon post some new trailers and stills.


When will Meg 2 be released on the OTT platform?

Meg 2 will release in October 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought Meg 2 Digital Rights?

Disney + Hotstar might have purchased the Digital Rights for the movie but it is not confirmed officially.

Is Meg 2 Can be Watched with Family Members?

Yes, this movie can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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