IPL Schedule 2023 – Indian Premier League 2023

IPL Schedule 2023: As per official news, the 16th version of the IPL is likely to begin on the 31st of March 2023 and end on the 4th of June 2023. The first match will be between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the defending champions Gujarat Titans(GT).

IPL Schedule 2023 Official {Updated}

Here is the full Official schedule of the IPL 2023. If You Want Venue Then Comment We Update.

#Date & TimeMatch TeamTime(IST)
131 MarchGT vs CSK7:30 PM
201 AprilPBSK vs KKR3:30 PM
301 AprilLSG vs DC7:30 PM
402 AprilSRH vs RR3:30 PM
502 AprilRCB vs MI7:30 PM
603 AprilCSK vs LSG7:30 PM
704 AprilDC vs GT7:30 PM
805 AprilRR vs PBKS7:30 PM
906 AprilKKR vs RCB7:30 PM
1007 AprilLSG vs SRH7:30 PM
1108 AprilRR vs DC3:30 PM
1208 AprilMI vs CSK7:30 PM
1309 AprilGT vs KKR3:30 PM
1409 AprilSRH vs PBKS7:30 PM
1510 AprilRCB vs LSG7:30 PM
1611 AprilDC vs MI7:30 PM
1712 AprilCSK vs RR7:30 PM
1813 AprilPBKS vs GT7:30 PM
1914 AprilKKR vs SRH7:30 PM
2015 AprilRCB vs DC3:30 PM
2115 AprilLSG vs PBKS7:30 PM
2216 AprilMI vs KKR3:30 PM
2316 AprilGT vs RR7:30 PM
2417 AprilRCB vs CSK7:30 PM
2518 AprilSRH vs MI7:30 PM
2619 AprilRR vs LSG7:30 PM
2720 AprilPBKS vs RCB3:30 PM
2820 AprilDC vs KKR7:30 PM
2921 AprilCSK vs SRH7:30 PM
3022 AprilLSG vs GT3:30 PM
3122 AprilMI vs PBKS7:30 PM
3223 AprilRCB vs RR3:30 PM
3323 AprilKKR vs CSK7:30 PM
3424 AprilSRH vs DC7:30 PM
3525 AprilGT vs MI7:30 PM
3626 AprilRCB vs KKR7:30 PM
3727 AprilRR vs CSK7:30 PM
3828 AprilPBKS vs LSG7:30 PM
3929 AprilKKR vs GT3:30 PM
4029 AprilDC vs SRH7:30 PM
4130 AprilCSK vs PBKS3:30 PM
4230 AprilMI vs RR7:30 PM
4301 MayLSG vs RCB7:30 PM
4402 MayGT vs DC7:30 PM
4503 MayPBKS vs MI7:30 PM
4604 MayLSG vs CSK3:30 PM
4704 MaySRH vs KKR7:30 PM
4805 MayRR vs GT7:30 PM
4906 MayCSK vs MI3:30 PM
5006 MayDC vs RCB7:30 PM
5107 MayGT vs LSG3:30 PM
5207 MayRR vs SRH7:30 PM
5308 MayKKR vs PBKS7:30 PM
5409 MayMI vs RCB7:30 PM
5510 MayCSK vs DC7:30 PM
5611 MayKKR vs RR7:30 PM
5712 MayMI vs GT7:30 PM
5813 MaySRH vs LSG3:30 PM
5913 MayDC vs PBKS7:30 PM
6014 MayRR vs RCB3:30 PM
6114 MayCSK vs KKR7:30 PM
6215 MayGT vs SRH7:30 PM
6316 MayLSG vs MI7:30 PM
6417 MayPBKS vs DC7:30 PM
6518 MaySRH vs RCB7:30 PM
6619 MayPBKS vs RR7:30 PM
6720 MayDC vs CSK3:30 PM
6820 MayKKR vs LSG7:30 PM
6921 MayMI vs SRH3:30 PM
7021 MayRCB vs GT7:30 PM

The 10 teams will be divided into two groups, Group A and group B. There will be 74 matches of which seventy league matches (each team will play fourteen matches), two quarterfinals, one eliminator, and one final match. The team that wins six matches usually qualifies for the semifinal and elimination stages of the tournament.

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IPL 2023 Team List

The 10 teams who will compete with each other are given below-

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  3. Mumbai Indians
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders
  5. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Delhi Capitals
  8. Gujarat Titans
  9. Punjab Kings
  10. Lucknow Super Giants

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