How To Study Effectively For Exams in a short time

How To Study Effectively For Exams : Stressed due to exams? Refer to this article to prepare for your exams without any stress. This article will help you know the techniques that make studying easier. So, no more stress during exams.

Studying can be stressful only when left for the last minute. But this is not the right technique for learning. The main purpose of education is to teach the students so that they can see a better version of themselves. Nothing can be learned within a day. One must start preparing from day one instead. There can be reasons due to which one could not start studying from day one. And therefore, this article will help you so as to score relatively good on your exams. Various techniques are mentioned in this article using which will prove helpful to you.

tips that will help you study effectively for your Exams:

1. organize your study area

keep your study area organised

You cannot study in a messy area. You need to get it cleaned so that you do not get distracted by the mess. Also, it is not only about how clean your study space is, but how well organized it is. You must have enough space so that you can spread your books and do not face trouble noting the important points.

2. study in natural light

it is best to study in natural light

Avoid studying in dark as it is not advisable. Studying in dark can lead to eye strain. The eyes can get weak. So, make sure you study in the proper sunlight or atleast not in the dark. The best time to study is during daytime as it can enhance your ability to focus.

3. make sure you feel comfortable

try listening to music while studying

Studying gets much easier when you are comfortable. For different people, the definition of comfort is different. Some people like to study in a calm, silent environment, which helps them concentrate. On the other hand, some people like to study with music. But one must note that playing loud or pop music while studying would not help you concentrate. It will only distract you more. Hence, Calm and soft music is advisable.

4. use flowcharts and diagrams

use of flowcharts and diagrams makes it easy to understand

Use of flowcharts and diagrams is highly advisable. It makes it easy to understand the content as well as easy to remember.

5. prepare a weekly timetable

plan it out

Planning makes everything easy. Plan out your syllabus, divide it into parts and prepare a timetable. Follow that weekly timetable to practice your syllabus and don’t stress. Do not prepare an hourly based timetable. You never know what emergencies you would have to face after two hours.

6. Practice old question papers

Before getting started, have a look at the previous years’ paper pattern and questions. It even helps you know how much time you take for a particular question.

7. take regular breaks

You must take breaks regularly or you might lose interest due to fatigue or boredom. Note that the breaks should not be too long. Stay hydrated and get some snacks before resuming. You can even have a quick nap or perhaps do something that makes you feel rejuvenated.

8. do not use social media while studying

avoid using social media while studying

Social media these are very popular among teenagers. But one must not use social media while studying. Social media can be a huge distraction as once you open the app, you start scrolling through the posts and you do not even realize when you run out of time. Here is a tip, while studying, avoid using your phone, as once you touch your phone, you might get curious and start scrolling. Though, you can use social media during the breaks.

9. prepare notes

make notes for last minute preparation

Making notes makes studying easier. If you have noted down each and every important information, it gets easier to memorize it. Make sure you only note the important points. Notes do not have to be detailed. They are just a glimpse of what has been taught. And hence, going through your notes right before the exams can help you remember each and every point. You can elaborate your answers in the exam.

10. other things to keep in mind while studying

Use highlighter or a pencil to mark important points in the text.

  • Use bookmarks so that you do not have to waste your time in looking for a specific page.
  • Keep all the necessary things with you. For example: keep two to three pens and pencils, eraser, sharpener, scale etc. This will help you save your time.
  • Sleep well and eat healthy. Do not stress or panic due to exams.
  • Revise what you have already studied. Revising is a very important part of studying. Many students avoid revising and are unable to write during exams]

Make sure you follow these important tips for your exams. These will help you ace your exams.

“Do not stress, do your best”

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1. What to do to avoid getting distracted while studying?

Ans. Avoid using phone and social media so that you do not get distracted.

2. What are some tips to follow to ace the exams?

Ans. Make sure to make notes, flowcharts, diagrams, taking regular breaks, eat and sleep well.

3. What to do if you are getting bored?

Ans. If you are getting bored, take a break, do something that you like, get some fresh air.

4. Why you should avoid studying in dark?

Ans. Studying in dark can lead to eye strain. The eyes can get weak which is why you should avoid studying in dark.

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