Barbie OTT Release Date: Storylines, Cast, When Barbie Will Come Online?

Barbie was a big hit at the theatres and now it is ready for the digital premiere and its OTT release date leaks are out now. The film has got a great public response in its theatrical running because of its story and cast. In its first week, it earned a lot of amount at the box office and became the most profitable film of the year too. Now, everyone is excited to watch it online which is not announced at this time by the makers. The film is currently doing offline streaming, so it will take some time to come online.

Barbie OTT Release Date

When Barbie OTT Release Date Will Announce?

The movie was a big hit and got over 7.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb when it came to theatres. Now, everyone is waiting for the official announcement of digital platforms regarding online streaming. According to the latest leaks, Barbie is confirmed to come in September 2023 on Prime Video or Netflix app.

The OTT Platform for the film is not confirmed by any source at this time but it will be either Netflix or Prime Video for sure. Currently, the movie is streaming at the theatres but it will come soon on the online streaming platform as it is about to be removed from theatres as it has earned great amounts of money.

How did Barbie Movie Perform at Box Office?

It has become a huge success all around the world and it collected over $500 million within just one week of its release. But in India, it faced competition with Oppenheimer and couldn’t beat that film. Still, Barbie movie did well at the Indian box office and made around Rs 27 crore in the first week. According to the reports, it made around 28 crores all over India.

How did Barbie Perform at Box Office?

In India, the movie got 19% of the theatrical occupancy and audiences loved the story of the doll and her journey in the human world. The movie has a great cast like Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and Ken who made this film more special for the viewers. Still, it is running in the theatres and doing very well, over 1.3 lakh people have rated it with 7.5 overall stars out of 10 on IMDb which is huge numbers.

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Star Cast

It has an amazing cast like Margot Robbie who plays the main role of Barbie, her role is just insane and everyone will remember her performance for a long time. Also, there are many other great actors like Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackey, Hari Nef, Sharon Rooney, Ana Cruz Kayne, Ritu Arya, Dua Lipa, and Nicola Coughlan

The male characters in the movie are also impressive. Ryan Gosling plays the role of handsome Ken. Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa, Scott Evans, and John Cena also have important roles in the movie. There are also other supporting characters, like Michael Cera as Allan, America Ferrera as Gloria, Ariana Greenblatt as Sasha, and Rhea Perlman as Ruth.

  1. Margot Robbie
  2. Issa Rae
  3. Kate McKinnon
  4. Alexandra Shipp
  5. Emma Mackey
  6. Hari Nef
  7. Sharon Rooney
  8. Ana Cruz Kayne
  9. Ritu Arya
  10. Dua Lipa
  11. Nicola Coughlan
  12. Emerald Fennell as Midge
  13. Ryan Gosling as Ken
  14. Simu Liu as Ken
  15. Kingsley Ben-Adir as Ken
  16. Ncuti Gatwa as Ken
  17. Scott Evans as Ken
  18. John Cena as Ken
  19. Michael Cera as Allan
  20. America Ferrera as Gloria
  21. Ariana Greenblatt as Sasha
  22. Rhea Perlman as Ruth
  23. Helen Mirren as Narrator (voice)
  24. Will Ferrell as Mattel CEO
  25. Connor Swindells as Aaron Dinkins
  26. Jamie Demetriou as Mattel Executive
  27. Andrew Leung as Mattel Executive
  28. Will Merrick as Young Mattel Executive
  29. Asim Chaudhry as Warehouse Employee
  30. Ray Fearon as Dan at the FBI
  31. Erica Ford as Skipper

What can be Barbie Storylines (Spoilers)?

The story starts where many strong and successful women and Barbie live. She lives happily with other diverse people but her carefree life changes when she starts worrying about getting older and facing physical changes like flat feet. To find a solution, she goes to the real world, and Ken goes with her because he wants to be closer to her.

What can be Barbie Storylines?

In the real world, they meet a young girl Sasha who owns a doll. Sasha tells Barbie that she promotes unrealistic beauty standards and she realizes that Sasha’s mom Gloria had her identity crisis and it affected her too. After a big challenge, she comes back to the real world, but now she is “Barbara Handler.” Now, you should enjoy the film to know the complete plot.

What Is Barbie Movie Review from Viewers and Critics?

This is a fantastic movie directed by Greta Gerwig that celebrates the famous doll and its emotional impact on people. Margot Robbie plays the role of Barbie and she does an amazing job, her perfection is everything in this film. Ryan Gosling’s role of Ken is also very good and he shows the bond between her and Ken. The movie deals with themes like gender and what society expects from us. Gerwig’s storytelling of the film is excellent and liked by critics so much.

How Is Barbie Review - Did Viewers Love it?

The movie is not for kids but it gives us a deep message that is for adults. The perfect world is different from the real world. The movie shows the differences between men and women and how they interact which makes the story more exciting for everyone. Overall, this is a great film and you can give it a try if you love fantasy films.

Where Barbie Movie Will Stream Online?

Right now, the makers of the movie haven’t confirmed the streaming platform but they are expected to announce it soon. Since the movie has been a big hit worldwide and it is currently streaming in cinemas, it will come after some delay on platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. As we mentioned, it is expected to be available on an OTT platform around September 2023, about 2 months after it was in theatres.


In summary, Barbie is an amazing movie that combines humour, feminism, and outstanding acting to challenge old ideas about how men and women should behave. It has done well at the box office and people all over the world love it. Now, everyone is excited to see it online on an OTT platform. The makers haven’t said about its digital premiere at this time but now you can wait for the official announcement which will happen soon and they will soon post some new trailers and posters.


When will Barbie release on the OTT platform?

The movie will release on September 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought Barbie Digital Rights?

Amazon Prime Video or Netflix has purchased the Digital Rights for the movie.

Is Barbie Can be Watched with Family Members?

Yes, this movie can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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