World wildlife Day: Significance, history, theme.

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on 3rd March every year since 2013. Why are animals important to us? Why is it our responsibility to look after their safety? What is World Wildlife Day? When is it celebrated? Why is it celebrated? What is the main purpose of celebrating this day? All these questions are answered in this article. This article provides each and every detail regarding World Wildlife Day.

How are animals useful to human beings?

Importance of animals in human lives

Animals play an essential role in human lives. The food we eat, the milk we drink, and the leather products we use, are all made using animals. Hence, as human beings, it is our responsibility to look after them.

What is World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day

As conserving wildlife habitats is so important to rural residents, it must be taken into account while planning initiatives for rural development, which is why this day is celebrated to raise awareness about the world’s wild flora and fauna.

What is the main objective of celebrating this Day?

It is celebrated to recognize various species of wild flora and fauna as well as to spread cognizance of the many benefits that their preservation can offer to humanity.

History of the World Wildlife Day

On December 20, 2013, the United Nations General Assembly’s Sixty-eighth session voted to observe March 3 as World Wildlife Day so as to honor and raise awareness of the wild plants and animals of the world. This occasion commemorates the 1973 entry into force of the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which is a landmark in ensuring that intercontinental trade does not harm the survival of the wild species.

World Wildlife Day 2023 theme: Partnerships for wildlife conservation

World Wildlife Day will be observed with the theme “Partnerships for wildlife conservation” in 2023, acknowledging those who are working for the betterment of the world. Partnerships can surround a lot of people, a small number of kids, or an entire school. For some people, it might be planning a school sale to raise money for a conservation organization, or it might be sharing pictures of the creatures that are on the verge of extinction online to spread awareness of wildlife species. They are all equally legitimate. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which turns 50 this year, is a particular collaboration that the UN will commemorate (CITES). This Agreement is an international pact between states to ensure that the trade of wild animal and plant specimens does not endanger the extinction of the species. Now, it protects more than 37,000 animal and plant species in a wide range.

How to celebrate World Wildlife Day?

This special day can be celebrated by sending a brief video message to or our Instagram inbox wishing everyone a “Happy World Wildlife Day 2023” or a “Happy Birthday to CITES.”

World Wildlife Day quotes and slogans

  • Let us save them for the planet.
  • It will not change the world if you will save one animal, but it will certainly change the world for that one animal.
  • It is our duty to do good to wildlife.
  • Keep calm and save wildlife. Stand to save wildlife.
  • No wildlife
  • No human life.
  • Time to stand up for wildlife.
  • Save wildlife to save this world.
  • Say no to animal abuse.

How to preserve wildlife?

  • Deforestation, also known as forest degradation or loss of forests must be curbed or, ideally, stopped.
  • Use caution to avoid wasting fuelwood and lumber.
  • Monitoring forest fires are necessary, and timely damage control actions are required. Forest fires kill tens of thousands of trees each year.
  • Replanting trees and extending the area covered by forests require action and attention. The promotion of afforestation and reforestation is necessary on a global scale.
  • Organizations must be implemented o keep track wildlife behavior and the most recent information, on proper forest management.
  • Endangered species need to be cared for and given a place to live, and steps need to be taken to prevent their extinction.
  • Creating safeguards for the animals, such as wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, to protect them in their natural habitat.
  • Animal hunting should be prohibited.

What measures is the government taking to preserve wildlife?

  • To conduct a survey and gather all available data on wildlife, particularly regarding their growth and population.
  • To preserve woods in order to safeguard habitat.
  • To define the boundaries of their environment.
  • To safeguard wildlife from natural disasters and pollution.


When is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on 3rd March every year since 2013.

What is the main objective of celebrating World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the world’s wild flora and fauna.

What is the full form of CITES?

The full form of CITES is Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

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