Top 5 Best Air Coolers in India Under 10000

Summers in India can be really hot and unbearable. Summer has already started with a bang, so it’s time to buy a good air cooler for your space if you have a low budget. However, if you have more budget, it is always better to purchase an air conditioner with enhanced cooling capacity. But today, in this article, we’ve listed the top 5 best air coolers in India under 10000 that simply fit your budget and fulfil your specific requirements.

Air coolers are a much more practical alternative to air conditioners for many people, especially those who live in hot, dry climates. They are so highly affordable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient that they have become a popular choice for households in India. A great feature of air coolers is that they use natural evaporation to cool the air, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Because the majority of models have detachable pads that can be cleaned and reused, they are also simple to maintain and clean.

When shopping for an air cooler, it is important to consider the size of your room and its airflow capacity as well as the water tank’s volume. Air coolers with larger water tanks are better suited for large rooms, while those with smaller tanks work well in small spaces. With a wide range of options available for the best air coolers in India under 10000, choosing the one suitable for you can be a daunting task. Below is the list of the top 5 best air coolers in India under 10000 Rupees which you can consider before making your purchase.

List of Top 5 Best Air Coolers in India Under 10000

Cooler NamePrice
Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air CoolerRs. 10,000  
Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler Rs. 9490
Symphony Hi Cool i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler Rs. 8999
Havells Brina Plus 50 Litres Window Air CoolerRs. 6498
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler Rs. 5699
Top 5 Cooler Under 5000rs

#1. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler can help you keep cool while reducing your energy costs. This portable desert air cooler comes equipped with cooling pads made of wood wool and a three-speed setting for controlling the flow of air. This air cooler provides maximum cooling with high energy efficiency and exciting features. It is ideal for rooms up to 550 sq. ft and with its 4-way air deflection and high-density honeycomb pads, it’s sure to bring comfort into any room. Also, its water level indicator makes monitoring super easy. It also provides a separate ice chamber and castor wheels for easy movement.

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Capacity75 litres
Noise Level38 dB
Number of Speeds3
Dimensions41D*62W*118H Centimetres
Special Featuresfeatures Rust-free build with smooth, cleanable exteriors, inverter capability, 4-way air deflection, high-density honeycomb, water level indicator, separate ice chamber
Customer rating (on Amazon)3.9/5
PriceRs. 10,000


#2. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler 

Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler is the perfect choice for a mid-size room of up to 14 square meters. It has an automatic swing and a strong speed blower for larger and broader coverage. The Duramarine pump and 3-sided honeycomb pads make this a highly efficient air cooler, while i-Pure technology ensures that air pollution and microbes are eliminated, so that you get clean and cool air. It comes with a water level indicator and an empty tank alarm. It has a digital touch screen and magnetic remote control that can be used to cool your space efficiently.

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Capacity30 litres
Number of Speeds3
Dimensions‎33.8D x 36W x 93.2H Centimeters
Special Featuresi-pure Technology, Duramarine Pump, Cool Flow Dispenser, Touch Screen & Magnetic Remote Control  
Customer rating (on Amazon)3.5/5  
PriceRs. 9490

#3. Symphony Hi Cool i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler 

Symphony Hi Cool i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler is the next item on the list of the Best Air Coolers in India under 10,000. Under ideal circumstances, this air cooler is a great option for rooms up to 17 square meters in size. It makes use of i-Pure technology to remove allergens, odor-causing microbes, and air pollution while also producing a cozy, cool environment. The well-designed blower quickly reduces the room’s temperature while also saving money due to its low power consumption. The feather touchpad and remote control with the water cooler provide a convenient way to cool your space.

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Capacity31 litres
Number of Speeds3
Dimensions‎‎‎38D x 50W x 91H Centimetres
Air Flow Capacity17 CMPH
Special Featuresfeatures i-Pure Technology, Dura pump, Honeycomb cooling pad, Empty water tank alarm, Cool Flow Dispenser, Auto Shut-off, Easy to-use control panel.  
Customer rating (on Amazon)3.7/5
PriceRs. 8999

#4. Havells Brina Plus 50 Litres Window Air Cooler

Havells Brina is a compact and portable fan, making it the perfect choice for use in small spaces. Its dust filter net removes dust from the air, ensuring that only clean, cool air passes through wet honeycomb pads after being separated from dust. It has an ice chamber and is inverter compatible. To keep dust and insects out of the cooler, it has fully retractable louvers. Its air delivery system is extremely effective. Also, this window air cooler is designed with an auto drain feature, which makes sure that old and dirty water drains away without any hassle.

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MaterialPP/ABS Plastic
Capacity50 litres
Number of Speeds3
Dimensions64.5 x 56 x 57 Centimeters
Special FeaturesPowerful Air Delivery, a Fully Collapsible louver, and an Auto Drain feature. Adjustable Speed, Highly portable
Customer rating (on Amazon)3.8/5
PriceRs. 6498

#5. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler 

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler is one of the most affordable air coolers with modern features from a popular brand. This air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 12 square meters in size. The dura pump and honeycomb cooling pad help distribute water and air evenly for a more efficient, effective cooling experience. Its cool flow dispenser distributes water evenly, resulting in excellent cooling. It has a powerful blower and comes with I-Pure technology, which simply purifies the air by eliminating air pollution, odor-causing microbes, and allergens.

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Capacity12 litres
Number of Speeds3
Dimensions30D x 33W x 84H centimetres
Special FeaturesDurapump, i-Pure Technology, Honeycomb cooling pad, Cool Flow Dispenser, Automatic Swing  
Customer rating (on Amazon)3.6/5
PriceRs. 5699  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about buying an air cooler in India, along with the answers that explain everything you need to know.

Which one is better – an air cooler or an AC?

Air-conditioning systems are expensive to install and operate, while air coolers are relatively inexpensive. Additionally, air coolers circulate clean, fresh air and are relatively environmentally friendly. A family looking for a cost-effective investment should therefore always choose an air cooler over an air conditioner. However, if you have a large budget, you can choose an air conditioner for better cooling.

What degree of temperature can the air cooler reduce?

Air coolers use both air and water to lower the temperature. As a result, it can only bring the temperature down by 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. under optimal conditions.

Do air coolers consume a lot of electricity?

Air coolers use very little energy. It typically uses less than 200W. However, the model you chose will affect the overall energy consumption. Therefore, consider the product’s energy consumption when making a purchase.

Is it possible to use an air cooler in a closed space?

Yes, you can use an air cooler in a closed space. To avoid the air in the room becoming stale, it is crucial to make sure there is enough air circulation. To make sure the cooler can effectively cool the room, it’s also crucial to measure both the cooler’s and the room’s sizes.

How long can we use the air cooler?

A full tank of water usually enables air coolers to operate for up to 8 hours. However, this may change based on the model and the surrounding circumstances.

Bottom Line

We hope that the above suggestions will assist you in selecting the best air coolers in India under 10,000. Be clear about your specific needs before making a purchase, and carefully consider the extra features that various brands provide. Additionally, please double-check the price and the product details before purchasing one of the aforementioned items. So, take advantage of these choices for the best air coolers in India under 10,000 and purchase them right away to start enjoying a comfortable ambient temperature in your home. Thanks for reading!

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