Top 10 New Changes In BGMI 2.6 Update

Top 10 New Changes In BGMI 2.6 Updates 2023: The South Korean video gaming company Krafton has announced officially that Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is set to make a comeback in India after its ban for approximately 10 months.

The much-awaited Online Multiplayer battle royale game, Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is back in the country again grabbing all the attention of the gamers out there.

Battleground Mobile India which is commonly known as BGMI is an Indian version of the popular online multiplayer battle royale game PUBG or Players Unknown Battleground. Within a short period of time, this game has seen a vast growth in the gaming community. Every year gaming tournaments like esports are played with the game. BGMI is available to play both on Android and on IOS devices. On 28th July 2022, the game crossed over more than 130 million downloads on the Google Play Store app.

The Indian Government has put a ban on the game on 28 July 2022, due to some security reasons. Officials have stated that the game is leaking important details and information about players to other countries. Currently the Indian Government has lifted the ban temporarily and will monitor the game’s status closely and will check if any data breaches are going or not, if Krafton passes all the conditions then the government officials will decide further to lift the ban permanently.

After approximately 10 months BGMI is set to return to India again with some major updates in the game. In this article, we are going to share with you the top 10 new BGMI 2.6 updates which are made by Krafton to increase the competitive level of the game. Stay with us and check out the full article to know more about the new 2.6 updates. If you want to know more news and the latest updates regarding BGMI, then do check our website AWBI.ORG. We provide each and every news and update of BGMI from time to time. So follow us to know more details.

BGMI 2.6 Version Top 10 New Changes

1. New Professional Bots

A Bot is peaking. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

As we know that bots which are basically computer players are the weakest enemies to target, but things will be going to change after this major update. Krafton has stated that the bots in the new BGMI version can drive a car, bring their teammates, and can also revive them. More than this they can also smoke, heal, jump, and peak which they can’t in the previous version of BGMI. Overall the bots will be like a professional player giving a fight, making the game more competitive to attempt.

2. Mirado And Monster Truck In Erangel Map

Mirado Car. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Mirado is BGMI’s fastest car which comes up with a convertible top, which you can open and close any time just by using a button displayed on your screen. The car attains a maximum speed of 167 Km. This car is only found in the BGMI’s Miramar map, but now after this major update by Krafton, it is expected that Mirado will also be seen on the roads of Erangel. If BGMI brings this supercar to the Erangel map, then no doubt in the future they will be going to collab with many supercar brands.

Monster truck on the roads of Erangel. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Monster trucks which are basically seen on the roads of Livik are also seen on the roads of the Erangel map, as Krafton will going to add the monster car to the Erangel map in the new update.

3. New Petrol Pump

Place your car in the Yellow border area to refuel. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

This update is the most eye-catching update done by Krafton company. Till now the petrol pumps are of no use in BGMI’s map, we can only refuel the car using fuel that is collected during loot. But now the new update brings a usage of the petrol pump.

Petrol Pump. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Just park your car in the yellow-marked area. After that they will ask for a token, click the button and your car will be automatically refueled by them. Time will be taken according to your fuel status in the fuel tank.

4. New Melee Weapon

New Weapon permanently. CreditsIND AKHIL YouTube

A new permanent weapon is added in the new update where each player will be handed a sword. This melee weapon will help you if you face an enemy without any gun, you can give damage to your enemy with this melee weapon. Overall this small melee weapon update will make some big changes in the game’s gameplay.

5. Vehicle Storage

Storing grenades in the vehicle. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

You can easily store anything like grenades, gun ammo, healings, etc in the vehicle storage section which is basically the new update of the 2.6 version of BGMI. This update makes the game more realistic, and will also allow players to store their necessary weapons and attachments in the car storage.

If a player runs out of space in his/her bag then he/she can easily store it in the car storage section.

6. New Ports Are Added to The Erangel Map

New Port in the Military Base. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

A new port is added just below the Sosnovka Military Base, it will help players to navigate to another side of the map if they got stuck in the game’s play zone.

New Port in Ferry Pier Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Adding this Krafton gaming company has added another set of ports which is located just the side of the bridge between the Ferry Pier and Sosnovka MilitaryBase. It allows players to maintain a safe distance from the bridge camp, it will also help the players to rotate friendly across the map.

New Port in Farm. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Following this another port is added to the side of the Farm, usually, that place remained completely open till this update, and the players receive shots from the enemies from the mountain. The port’s warehouse will help the players to cover themselves up and to play safely.

7. Trams For Stalber

Trams for Stalber. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

The trams from the winter soldier update are now permanent in BGMI. You can easily move from Yasnaya to Stalber, Stalber to Severny, and from Stalber to Kameshki with the help of trams or cable cabins. Those areas were usually open and no such cars and gliders were found at that place, so players face problems moving from this side to the other so Krafton decided to put the trams permanently into the game.

Stalber to Severny Trams. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

8. New Guns Are Added In The BGMI’s Map

Honey Badger uses 7.62mm ammo. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Honey Badger and Famas are the two new guns that are added to the game. Honey Badger is the brand new gun in the game whereas Famas is new only in the Erangel map, Famas is found only in the Livik map, but the 2.6 version of BGMI will see Famas in the Erangel map also.

Honey Badger. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

Honey Badger is a small lightweight gun that uses 7.62mm ammo, and its recoil is negligible to our eyes, and on the other hand, Famas use 5.56 mm ammo.

Famous Gun. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

9. Transform Button

Transform into the robot of your teammate. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

After we get knocked out by an enemy, usually we have to spectate our teammate or we leave the game. But in the version 2.6 update of the game, you can transform yourself into the robot of your teammate and can roam around the map till your teammate is alive on the battlefield.

You can around the map after your death in the game. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

But here comes a condition, you can’t see your teammates, enemies, loots, or any crates of your or your enemies or teammates. you can just walk, jump, and roam around the map.

10. New Cycle added In The Game

Mountain Bike. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

If you remember, for the 4th anniversary of BGMI, a new cycle named as Mountain Bike was added to the game. Krafton decided to add this Mountain bike permanently in the game, and you can easily grab the mountain bike in the game from its spawn location.

Mountain Bike is easy to ride. Credits- IND AKHIL YouTube

The specialty of this mountain bike is that you can easily carry this cycle and unfold it anywhere anytime, and its performance is also impressive.

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