Puneet Superstar Bigg Boss Re Entry – Confirmed News OUT

Puneet superstar is the second most voted contestant in Bigg Boss OTT 2 after Fukra Insaan. But he was evicted from the show for some reasons which was not legit. Many fans of Puneet Kumar uninstalled the Jio Cinema app and stopped watching the latest season of Bigg Boss because of this. Today we will talk about the news on Puneet Superstar Bigg Boss Re Entry and also more details of other cast.

Lord Puneet Re-entry News

Because of the eviction of Lord Puneet, the TRP of the show was reduced and people started making memes of Bigg Boss after this. The video of the actor in which he told, “BB Ott 2 is getting TRP because of me, I don’t care if they keep me in the show or not” is going viral on social media and everyone is supporting him because of his genuine thoughts.

A video of him is viral on the internet, where he says “No one will watch Bigg Boss if they do injustice to him“. This line is now real and almost everyone who loves him has stopped watching this reality show.

Puneet Superstar Bigg Boss Re Entry Confirmed?

Also Puneet had an argument with the other contestants of the show. This made the condition worse in the house and because of his behaviour and not following the rules, Puneet was eventually kicked out of the show.

Now after he left the show, the TRP of Bigg Boss has reduced and also many fans have stopped watching it because of that the makers of Bigg Boss OTT 2 can ask Puneet to come back. If everything goes well then Puneet will make a grand return during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

why puneet superstar got evicted from Bigg Boss Ott 2?

The popular star Puneet is now evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 2 within 24 hours of entering the show. This has never happened in the history of this reality show. Puneet’s time in the house was short but it was filled with controversy.

When Lord Puneet had joined the show then he did something strange by putting toothpaste all over his mouth. This caught the attention of Bigg Boss who warned him about his behavior and the importance of following the rules. Puneet didn’t take the warning seriously and didn’t do what Bigg Boss told him.

puneet superstar live records on Instagram

A few days ago, he came live on Instagram mocking MC Stan as he called Puneet’s content cringe in Bigg Boss shows in front of other contestants. This Instagram live has crossed 700K+ live watching which is very huge and very few actors have such a massive fan following at this time. But in the last season, Lord Puneet supported MC Stan and he requested his fans to support him but MC ditched him and that is why he and his fans are angry with Stan. Many fans are now abusing MC Stan in comments and DMs because of that he requested Puneet to solve all issues.

why puneet superstar is called lord?

Puneet Superstar is given the nickname Lord because he has a great sense of humour and a charming personality. He became famous for his funny videos and memes that show him as a happy and fun loving person. People love his content and he has become very popular.

With a lot of fans and a big following on social media, Puneet Superstar keeps entertaining his audience with his funny actions. Fans call him Lord which shows that people really admire and respect him in the Indian entertainment industry. Puneet donates a huge amount of money to poor people which has increased his respect in the eye of his fans.

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How much Puneet Superstar Charged for Bigg Boss 2?

The exact fee Puneet Superstar received for participating in Bigg Boss OTT 2 is not revealed. But it is important to mention that he signed a big agreement with the makers and it is expected that he demand 2 Crores for his appearance on the show. Puneet was evicted quickly from the show but he still believes he can win and sees himself as a winner already. His fans on social media have shown him great support but the specific amount he was paid for being on the show is not known.


Will Puneet Superstar come back in Bigg Boss OTT 2 again?

There are chances that Bigg Boss will bring Puneet superstar again on the show because of the high public demand and low TRP of the show.

Why Puneet Superstar Was Beaten by the Public?

The complete reason behind this is not known but it can be because of his behaviour that some people don’t like.

Why Salman Khan removed Puneet from Bigg Boss Ott 2?

Puneet superstar was evicted from the show because of his behaviour that Bigg Boss and other contestants didn’t like, he was kicked out of the show because of this.

Do other contestants have a fear of Puneet Superstar?

Puneet has a massive fan base on the internet and he is the second most rated contestant in the show at this time, so other actors are jealous of him and trying to mock him saying Youtuber.

Who will Win in Bigg Boss Ott 2?

There are two main contestants in the show at this time who have the highest chances of winning the show, first is Fukra Insaan and the second is Puneet superstar and if they do not win, then the third would be Pooja Bhatt.


Puneet superstar fans are tweeting and posting on social media to bring him back on Bigg boss ott 2, otherwise, they will not watch the show. This is forcing makers to bring him back on the show and he can be back on the show. We will update you will all information as we get any new updates, you can bookmark this page to know all the latest updates about Puneet superstar Bigg Boss re entry news.

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  1. Puneet is a bad idea that keeps on moving about. He should never be a part of any show ever. If he is brought in again, i will definitely uninstall jio cinema


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