Panchayat Season 3 Release Date in India, When Will It Come on Amazon Prime?

Panchayat is a funny Indian web series that is loved by many viewers and has got over 8.9 stars out of 10 on IMDb. This is Hindi series which is made by The Viral Fever Productions. The series tells real-life stories that touch the hearts of viewers. The makers are now coming with the new series and Panchayat Season 3 release date leaks have come out by some sources too.

After the first two successful seasons, Panchayat is now ready for its third season which everyone is excited about. The story shows the life of Abhishek Tripathi who wants to be an MBA student but unexpectedly becomes the Panchayat secretary in the village. The next season will be very impressive as the makers have promised something special this time.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date

When is Panchayat Season 3 Release Date in India?

Everyone is super excited for season 3 and now waiting for its official announcement. Previously, many media reports suggested that it would come in 2023 but according to the latest leaks, Panchayat season 3 will release in March 2024 which is next year. The show has been a huge hit in the past, so the makers are doing some specials for this season.

The new season will show funny scenes of village life in Phulera. The exact date is not confirmed by officials but as we told, some media leaks have confirmed that it will not come in 2023 and its date is confirmed to the first quarter of 2024 on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Who will be Panchayat Season 3 Star Cast?

In season 3, your favourite actors will do their comeback like the talented main cast Jitendra Kumar will play the role of Abhishek Tripathi who is the guy who wanted to be an MBA but ended up as the Panchayat secretary in Phulera village. Raghubir Yadav is also returning as Brij Bhushan Dubey who is the husband of the village’s Pradhan whose character is played by Neena Gupta. Chandan Roy will be seen as Vikas, and Faisal Malik will be back as Prahlad Pandey.

The third season will feature Sanvikaa as Rinki which is an important character in Abhishek’s journey. The show will feature some supporting cast like Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan, Biswapati Sarkar as Prateek, and Subhendu Chakraborty as Mangal. There are also excellent performances by Sushil Tandon as Bhindeshwar, along with Govind Lobhani, Mubarak Khan, Kamal Rai, Bal Mukund Rai, Salim Ansari, Mohd. Shakir, Dinesh Tiwari, Kailash Karoshiya, and Ashok Pathak.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date
  1. Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi
  2. Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey
  3. Chandan Roy as Vikas – Sachiv Sahayak
  4. Faisal Malik as Prahlad Pandey
  5. Neena Gupta as Manju Devi
  6. Sanvikaa as Rinki
  7. Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan
  8. Biswapati Sarkar as Prateek – Abhishek’s Friend
  9. Subhendu Chakraborty as Mangal – Ward Member #9
  10. Sushil Tandon as Bhindeshwar – Ward Member #10
  11. Govind Lobhani as Ward Member #3
  12. Mubarak Khan as Ward Member #1
  13. Kamal Rai as Ward Member #2
  14. Bal Mukund Rai as Ward Member #4
  15. Salim Ansari as Ward Member #5
  16. Mohd. Shakir as Ward Member #6
  17. Dinesh Tiwaru as Ward Member #7
  18. Kailash Karoshiya as Ward Member #8
  19. Ashok Pathak as Vinod
  20. Sunita Rajwar as Kranti Devi
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What can be Panchayat Season 3 Storylines?

The story of Panchayat season 3 will continue with Abhishek Tripathi who started as an MBA student but now loves being the Panchayat secretary in the village. This time, you will see more scenes of his relationship with Rinki which was the highlight in the last season.

Besides the comedy, Season 3 will also feature some new challenges faced by the village and highlight some important issues in society. Also, you will see some old and new characters who will show you the real vibe of village life.

Panchayat Season 2 Ending Will Continue in Third Part

In Season 2, there are a lot of events that will be the main highlight of Season 3. One big moment was when Prahlad’s son Rahul, passed away suddenly. The village of Phulera was shocked and sad about his death. This emotional twist changed the story, and Rahul’s death affected his dad so badly and also the whole community. Abhishek, Brij Bhushan, Prahlad, and Vikas’s friendship was put to the test as they supported their grieving friend.

Also, a corrupt politician named MLA Chandrakishore Singh was introduced in the previous part where he created a lot of political tension in the village. He clashed with Manju Devi who was the village Pradhan, and now everyone is excited to see the power struggle in the new season. And, Abhishek got a transfer order, so Season 3 will show his new journey too and the challenges he will face there. The romantic tension between Abhishek and Rinki is creating even more excitement in the story.

Where Panchayat Season 3 Will Stream Online?

Panchayat 3 is confirmed to be available on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming platform has been officially announced as the digital release platform, also you will be able to enjoy this on other sites like Filmywap and Telegram. The funny and dramatic web series will be available on the streaming platform where the previous seasons were shown.

When Will Panchayat Season 3 Official Trailer Come?

Everyone is now excited for the Panchayat Season 3 and now viewers are waiting for the official trailer. The exact date of the trailer hasn’t been revealed yet. The shooting of the season is now completed and all episodes are currently in post-production work. The trailer for this season will be released in February 2024 which is a month before of actual series comeback.


In conclusion, this season will be fantastic and will especially combine comedy and drama. Season 2 was especially praised for adding dialogues and better to the first season. It explored political and social issues while keeping village life in Phulera authentic. The makers will soon announce its launch date officially but as per leaks, we have mentioned all the latest updates above in this article.


What is the Panchayat Season 3 series release date?

The release date of Panchayat Season 3 is March 2024 according to the latest updates.

Who is the main cast in the Panchayat Season 3 series?

Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, and Chandan Roy. are the main cast of the film.

Who is the director of Panchayat Season 3?

Famous director Deepak Kumar Mishra has directed the series Panchayat Season 3.

Who is the producer of Panchayat Season 3?

Mehboob Pal Singh Brar has produced the series.

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