Oshi No Ko Season 2 anime Announced, Expected Release Date, voice cast, plot, and everything you need to Know

Oshi No Ko Season 2

Oshi no Ko season 1 has just ended, and thankfully the anime adaptation of this manga series will be back for another installment. The much-awaited Oshi no Ko season 2 of the anime series has been officially announced by the production committee. The anime series had a fantastic season, packed with both charming characters and terrifying darkness. The first season, which premiered in April 2023, enjoyed huge popularity and favorable reviews for its gripping narrative, well-rounded characters, and gorgeous animation. The anime had many positive qualities and was a huge hit among viewers. It is a faithful adaptation of a renowned manga and is well-produced, well-cast, has fantastic music, and shockingly excellent animation styles and design decisions.

The manga series “Oshi no Ko,” written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, served as the inspiration for the anime series “Oshi no Ko.” The anime received praise from both fans and critics for its superb animation and art, which were surrounded by a gripping and deconstructive narrative. Unquestionably, it was among the most popular anime of the 2023 spring season. The first season was faithful to the first volumes of the original manga series, and fans expect the now-official second season to be as well. Here’s everything we know about Oshi no Ko Season 2, including its release date, storyline, and voice cast. So, keep reading to get more details!

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Expected Release Date

Oshi no Ko Season 2 has not yet received an official release date. But, currently, it is already in the production phase, so we can expect that it won’t take so long.

Oshi no Ko season one was announced about 10 months before it aired in April 2023, so we can make a safe bet that the new season will likely be available in April 2024. As the announcement for the second season comes in June 2023. However, these are just speculations, fans need to wait a little longer for any official confirmation on its release date.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Storyline

Oshi No Ko Season 2

The series is focused on Aquamarine Hoshino, a young otaku who sets out on a quest to become the most successful idol producer in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. While navigating the intricate dynamics of the idol industry, Aquamarine Hoshino faces a number of obstacles and goes through a process of personal growth. The story deftly examines themes of friendship, ambition, and the difficulties that people who pursue their dreams face.

The plot of Oshi no Ko season 2 has yet to be revealed. However, fans can anticipate the captivating storyline’s continuation as well as the inevitable development of their favorite characters. The protagonists’ lives will be explored in greater detail in the second season, as well as new aspects of their personalities will be revealed and more difficult obstacles will surely come up for them to overcome.

Oshi No Ko Season 2 Voice Cast

Some of the most talented voice actors will return for “Oshi no Ko” Season 2 to reprise their roles, bringing familiar characters to life and bringing fans back to beloved moments. The success of the show was greatly influenced by their performances in the first season, which received a lot of praise for perfectly encapsulating each character. The following is the expected list of all the returning characters, as well as their Japanese voice actors:

Characters Japanese Voice Actors
Aquamarine HoshinoTakeo Otsuka
Ruby HoshinoYurie Igoma
Kana ArimaMegumi Han
Akane KurokawaManaka Iwami
Ai HoshinoRie Takahashi
Miyako SaitôLynn
MemchoRumi Okubo

Bottom Line

It is not surprising that ‘Oshi no Ko’ Season 2 has been announced given the enormous success of its predecessor. With its compelling story and likable characters, the anime was able to draw in viewers and appeal to both seasoned anime fans and those unfamiliar with the genre. The anime’s creators are dedicated to upholding the high standards set in earlier seasons, guaranteeing that viewers will receive an even better conclusion to the plot. The production committee has promised fans who are impatiently awaiting the release of “Oshi no Ko” Season 2 that their patience will be rewarded with a season that far exceeds expectations.

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  1. This will be great to see a season 2 but can I have questions is there a possibility that ai can get reincarnated plssssss and aim waiting for a great answer plsss thank you

    • Well I honestly hope that season focus a little bit more on ruby after all they are the children of the star. At first the focus when they were children it was so..it will be nice if the story revolves around the both with the other characters 😌😌
      Still it was masterpiece 😍♥️💙💜


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