Odisha Train Accident: Toll has risen to 261 dead, with 900 evacuated

Odisha train Accident

India’s worst railway accidents killed at least 261 people and injured over 900 people. In the Balasore district of Odisha, three trains collided one after the other in a horrific sequence that sparked a massive rescue and evacuation effort. The Odisha train accident occurred on a Friday evening at around 7 o’clock while most passengers were asleep. The incident happened when the Coromandel Shalimar Express, a passenger train, derailed, collided with a goods train, and the Yesvantpur-Howrah Superfast struck the derailed coaches.

The rescue operation at the scene of the Balasore Train Accident has been completed, and restoration work is currently taking place, according to the most recent information. There have been 261 casualties as a result of the accident.

How did Odisha Train Accident happen?

On Friday, a train derailed close to the Bahanaga Baazar station in the Balasore district, which is located roughly 250 kilometers south of Kolkata and 170 kilometers north of Bhubaneswar.

According to reports, the Coromandel Shalimar Express, which was traveling to Chennai, derailed, struck a goods train, and several coaches overturned as a result. The derailed coaches and the Yesvantpur-Howrah Superfast then collided. When the collisions occurred, both trains were moving at high speeds. According to authorities and witnesses, the terrible tragedy took place in just a matter of few minutes, in between 6:50 PM and 7:10 PM.

The commissioner of railway safety will be in charge of the high-level investigation into the train accident in Odisha that the railway authorities initiated. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has mobilized all available resources for the Coromandel Express search and rescue operation. Rescue efforts continued overnight as workers and locals attempted to extract bodies and survivors from the mangled wreckage. The tragic Balasore train accident was caused by a signal failure, according to the joint inspection report.

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