Neeyat OTT Release Date, Star Cast, Storylines, When It Is Coming?

Vidya Balan’s new movie Neeyat is getting a lot of attention after it is free from the theatrical premiere. This is a new murder mystery film which is directed by Anu Menon. The same makers who made the famous movie Shakuntala Devi have made this Neeyat movie too and its Ott release date is coming soon. The main actress is Vidya Balan who is known for her great acting skills.

People are excited to see this movie online and now everyone wants to know when it will be available on OTT platforms. Neeyat was released in theatres on 7 July 2023 and earned a good amount of money on the first day. Some news about digital rights has been leaked a few times ago that we are going to discuss today.

When is Neeyat OTT Release Date?

Vidya Balan’s fans and those who love suspense movies now cannot wait for the Neeyat movie to be available on Amazon Prime Video. The film was released in theatres on 7 July 2023 but it didn’t earn much amount there and now waiting to this film online on Prime Video. According to the latest updates, Neeyat is expected to come in September 2023 on the OTT Platform. Amazon Prime Video has bought the digital rights of the movie so it will come there only.

Anu Menon has directed the Neeyat film and it is produced by Prime Video. As the excitement for the digital comeback of Neeyat grows, you can now see the trailer and teaser on official Ott channels.

How did Neeyat Perform at Box Office?

The movie Neeyat got a lot of attention because it reunited Anu Menon and the famous actress Vidya Balan, who previously worked together on Shakuntala Devi in 2020. Neeyat made a good start at the box office and earned 1 crore on its first day. But on the second day, it didn’t grow much and made only Rs 1.60 crore as reported by trade analyst Sumit Kadel.

As the weekend went on, Neeyat’s collections dropped slightly on Sunday. It made Rs 1.55 crore which was a decline of about -3.125%. So Neeyat earned Rs 4.16 crore at the box office over three days. The initial box office numbers show that it performed decently but the film has been made on a budget of 35 Crores, seeing the budget, the film has not performed that well.

Who will be Neeyat Star Cast?

The movie Neeyat has amazing actors like the lead actress Vidya Balan who plays the role of Mira Rao who is a CBI officer in the film. She gave a strong performance as she solves the mysteries surrounding the murders in the story. Ram Kapoor is also a great actor and played the role of Ashish Kapoor with his impressive acting.

Rahul Bose plays the character Jimmy who is an important person in the Neeyat movie and Shahana Goswami plays the character of Lisa. Neeraj Kabi is seen as Sanjay Suri and Amrita Puri does a fantastic job as Kay. Shashank Arora gives his performance as Ryan and Niki Walia shines as Zara with her talent. Dipannita Sharma is seen as Noor Suri and Prajakta Koli is also seen in the film. She is a Youtuber who brings fresh energy to the film as Gigi. The cast is further strengthened by Danesh Razvi, Ishika Mehra, Supreet Bedi, and the talented Shefali Shah, who plays another CBI officer.

  1. Vidya Balan as Mira Rao
  2. Ram Kapoor as Ashish Kapoor
  3. Rahul Bose as Jimmy
  4. Shahana Goswami as Lisa
  5. Neeraj Kabi as Sanjay Suri
  6. Amrita Puri as Kay
  7. Shashank Arora as Ryan
  8. Niki Walia as Zara
  9. Dipannita Sharma as Noor Suri
  10. Prajakta Koli as Gigi
  11. Danesh Razvi as Tanveer
  12. Ishika Mehra as Sasha
  13. Supreet Bedi as Devika Chellam
  14. Shefali Shah as CBI Officer
  15. Cirila Zorenc as Service staff
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What can be Neeyat Storylines?

Neeyat is an exciting story about a murder that happens at a grand place in Scotland on the night before a billionaire’s birthday. The people who were once close to him are the main suspects and each person has their reasons to see him dead. Vidya Balan plays Mira Rao who is a smart CBI officer who comes to the Citadel to investigate this case.

With the responsibility of the investigation on her shoulders, Mira relies on her cleverness and tries to find out the complicated secrets and lies surrounding the billionaire’s death. As she looks deeper into the suspects’ lives, she discovers hidden motives, surprising connections, and long-hidden truths. And this suspense increases as Mira tries to find the real culprit behind this mysterious murder and all people were trying to keep herself safe from her and pretending that they are not involved in it.

How Is Neeyat Review – Did Viewers Love it?

The movie Neeyat stars Vidya Balan in the main role and the story is quite interesting and you will see many characters in starting. This is a murder mystery with four deaths which keeps viewers interested at times but it lacks excitement because of the weak screenplay which makes it a bit confusing viewing experience.

The ending of the film is better and some stories are now clear to understand. The first half is a bit slow and mainly focuses on characters trying to find their place but the second half shows the suspects’ backgrounds and reveals their truth. The performances are good as Vidya Balan plays CBI officer Mira Rao who is convincing in her role and Ram Kapoor plays the role of wealthy businessman which is also not bad.

Overall, Neeyat has some plus and minus points like a screenplay and not fully developed performances. The movie visuals and some cameo are great and the movie is watchable at least once.

What is Neeyat OTT Platform and where Will It Stream Online?

The makers of the Neeyat haven’t revealed the official launch date at this time. But many movies are now releasing on streaming services within 2 months so we can expect them to announce it soon. on Amazon Prime Video will be its Ott platform as of now. But until the makers make an official announcement, we will have to wait for it.


The Neeyat movie is a mystery about a murder and the goal is to keep the audience hooked with its suspenseful story. The makers will announce soon its digital premiere with the trailer release. The movie is overall good and is slow and introduces too many characters in starting which makes it confusing and hard to stay interested. But it didn’t do very well at the box office and people didn’t seem to be very excited about it.


When will Neeyat release on the OTT platform?

The movie will release on September 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought Neeyat Digital Rights?

Prime Video has purchased the Digital Rights for the movie.

Is Neeyat Can be Watched with Family Members?

Yes, this movie can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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