Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Viral Video Case

The private video of popular Lavani dancer Gautami Patil has gone viral on social media. The dancer was allegedly filmed while changing clothes at an event by an unidentified person. One of her group members filed a police complaint, and an filed an FIR against the unknown troublemakers under Section 354-C of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Information Technology Act.

The controversial video of Gautami Patil that leaked online has gone viral on social media, capturing the attention of her fans and the general public.

Gautami Patil is a professional Lavani Marathi dancer with thousands of followers on her social media platforms. She has been performing and perfecting the dance for the last four to five years. She started her career as a background performer in the Akluj Lavani Mahotsav.

Gautami Patil Controversy

The video of Gautami Patil is getting attention from the public, and people are expressing their thoughts about it. According to sources, the leaked MMS footage shows the Lavani performer changing outfits while preparing for a performance.

Despite the availability of information about Gautami Patil’s story through social media platforms, her viral film is nowhere to be located. It was alleged that a third party had surreptitiously taped and uploaded dancer Gautami Patil’s footage online. It was also claimed that the MMS stolen video had been snapped from someone’s mobile, and its dissemination on social media involved two separate accounts.

Before this controversy, there was a significant interruption last week at Gautami Patil’s dance performance in Bombay. As the performance began, viewers started spending money, and knowing this Gautami stopped dancing. Police use the lathi charge to separate the crowd and moved the dancer in the midst of the event. Gautami always becomes the center of attraction because of her provocative dance movements and motions.

Gautami Patil Viral Video Case

People are worried and angry after this incident. It’s important to note recent developments in the well-known video case starring Gautami Patil.

The police have started to take action in response. People have become more heated in their discussion of the same film instance on social media platforms. Many people, in fact, are demanding to punish the perpetrators.

Maharashtra Women Commission chairperson Rupali Chakankar took to Twitter and asked police officials to announce an action plan that would prevent cybercrimes against women. She added that if a special task force is established and an active campaign to stop this kind of crime is started, the offenders would be caught.

As a result, the authorities are investigating this case. According to sources, police have also filed a report at Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station in Pune. Police complained about Section 354-C of the IPC and sections of the IT Act (FIR).

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