Gadar 3 Release Date, Cast, Budget, Plot, Sunny Deol Comeback in 2025?

Gadar 3 is now announced by the officials after the success of the second franchise. The makers have given hints at the end of the movie. Now, the excitement has increased after getting this news. Some analysts expect that the real box office records will be created when the new part of the film will launch in the cinema.

Sunny Deol’s starring film Gadar 2 has already crossed the 500 crores mark at the box office and the upcoming part will cross this so easily because the hype is too real. Also, there are some rumors coming out about its release and Salman Khan’s involvement in it, so we will have a look at those rumors too.

Gadar 3 Confirmed by Makers

The movie Gadar 3 is finally coming because the makers have officially confirmed that it is going to come very soon, and viewers are now really happy about it. This is because the last movie, Gadar 2 was a big hit. The director of Gadar 3 Anil Sharma has disclosed that it will definitely come and talked about how excited he is for the movie in an interview. He also gave some hints about what will happen in the new movie. Also, at the end of Gadar 2, the makers gave us hints that “To be continued”, which means there would be a sequel. And, they were using the word franchise in the interview, which means there would be many parts of the Gadar franchise in the future. Actors can be changed in future parts too but not in Gadar 3, because Sunny Deol is coming this time again.

Potential Release Date

Gadar 3 Release Date

Everyone is now excited about the new Gadar 3 movie. But it is currently unknown when it will come out. The creators have given us some hints at the end of the last movie which has already confirmed that the film will come soon. Also, there will not be a long gap between the second and third parts of the franchise as we saw in the first and second parts because the makers are now very serious about it.

According to the current scenario, Gadar 3 will come in at the end of 2025 or in the first quarter of 2026. Based on how things usually work in the movie business, we can guess that Gadar 3 will come out in 1 or 2 years as they have officially announced it. So, for now, we have to wait for more news from officials and actors who are associated with the film.

Will Salman Khan Join Gadar 3?

Right now, we are not sure if Salman Khan will be in the Gadar 3 or not. But, some rumors are spreading even though it is not official. Recently, Salman Khan wished the Gadar 2 team for the film which made people think he might be in the new part to help Tara Singh fight for the nation.

Fans are now talking about this idea as he can be in a small role cameo like he did in Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan while some assume that he can have a bigger role. It all depends on what the makers want and their script. If this happens, then there will be a huge boost in the box office earnings of the upcoming film and it will break many records.

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What can you expect in Gadar 3?

The story will be new from the last part of the movie and it will be more exciting. It is different from the first two movies because it doesn’t focus on a love story. Instead, it is all about the love for our country, India. Sunny Deol is known for his strong acting and he will play a role where he is very passionate about India. He is going to fight for our country’s honor and pride. In this movie, there will not be much romance like in the earlier films. Instead, you will see a lot of action, strong and passionate speeches, and a big love for India.


The next Gadar 3, will be expensive compared to Gadar 2 as the previous film was made on a budget of about 100 crores, but Gadar 3 will be full of action scenes and maybe some new actors. So, they expect it to cost at least 200 crores or even more.

The reason they are spending so much money on Gadar 3 is because they want to make it really amazing and exciting for the audience. Also, you will see big action scenes and maybe some famous actors to make it better. So, the makers will spend more amount to on this film.

Final Words

In conclusion, people are really excited about Gadar 3 which is the next film in this franchise. It will be a big patriotic film and Sunny Deol will be in it so that will be exciting. We don’t know all the details yet, like who else will be in the movie, but the makers will drop some new updates on this very soon and we will have to wait for it. Also, you can bookmark this page and come back again to know the latest updates about this movie which is officially shared by makers.


Is Gadar 3 coming?

Yes, Gadar 3 is coming and it is confirmed that Sunny Deol will come back again before 2025-2026.

Will Salman Khan come in Gadar 3?

It is not officially confirmed if Salman Khan will do a comeback but there are some rumours spreading about this.

When is the Gadar 3 Release Date?

The Gadar 3 movie is expected to come at the end of 2025 or in the first quarter of 2026.

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