Daman Games App Download & Earn ₹500 Rupees on Sign Up [2023]

Daman Game App is an Online Earning platform in India, That offers a Variety of Games. Daman Games stands as a well-known internet gaming platform, providing an extensive array of game options. Regardless of whether your preferences lie in casual entertainment, strategic challenges, or casino-style experiences, Daman Games guarantees a suitable selection for your enjoyment.

The Daman Games app functions as a predictive platform where users can earn money by forecasting the colors red and green. It provides instructions on usage and gameplay, featuring numerous games and color prediction options to potentially win genuine cash rewards. For those interested, the latest version of the Daman Games app is available for download.

What is Daman Games and How Does it Work?

Daman Games functions as an online earning application, enabling users to generate income through participation in a variety of gaming options. You can begin your engagement by downloading the Daman Games APK and immersing yourself in gameplay. Beyond the color prediction aspect, the platform boasts a diverse selection of games for your enjoyment.

Within the Win Go section, you can place predictions on three distinct colors. A correct forecast of red or green colors results in a twofold return on your investment. Additionally, accurately predicting the violet color yields a return of 5.2 times your initial amount.

Daman Games

If you’re unfamiliar with the Daman Games app, allow me to explain that it functions as a color prediction game. Within this app, you have the chance to generate income by forecasting colors. What sets this app apart from others of its kind is its user-friendly nature. Engaging in color prediction games through this app is a straightforward and effortless process.

Daman Games App Download Link

App NameDaman Games
App DownloadDownload App
APK Size14 MB
Safe & SecureYes
Rating4.8 ⭐

How to Register in Daman Games

Hello, Should you be interested in generating income through gaming on the Daman Games App, your initial step is to establish an account on the Color Prediction website associated with it? In case the process of setting up an account is unfamiliar to you, worry not. By adhering to the guidelines outlined below, you can seamlessly create your account on the Daman Games App. It is a Similar App To TC Lottery, Where You Can Make Money by playing Skeel Base Games.

  • To obtain the Daman Games app, select the provided download button above.
  • Following that, input your mobile number and establish a password.
  • Use the referral code h4u6B664719 and tap on “register.”
  • Your Daman account has been generated successfully. To log in, access the login section, enter your mobile number and password, and click “login.”

How to Login in to Daman Games

To make money through the Daman game, it’s necessary to register on the Daman game platform initially. It’s worth noting that after completing the registration, logging into the Daman game becomes a requirement. Upon downloading the Daman game, you will be prompted to log in when you open it. So, we’ve provided a link below for you to access the login page. Clicking on it will allow you to log in to the Daman game.

How to Play Games in Daman Games

If you’re interested in making money by playing the Daman game but lack knowledge about the specific game on the Daman platform, we’re here to guide you on how to play it. To begin, follow the steps mentioned above. Start by registering on the Daman game platform, the registration process is detailed above, so register there first. Following registration, you can find a Daman Games channel on Telegram. Look it up and join the channel to proceed.

How to Play Wingo (Colour Prediction) in Daman Games

  • You have the option to select game durations of 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. The longer the game you opt for, the more time you’ll have to strategize, but it demands greater patience.
  • Select your preferred lucky number or color.
  • Indicate your desired bet amount and verify it.
  • Should the chosen color or number match the result, you’ll receive a bonus of 1.92X for color and 9X for number.

Earn Money in Daman Games

Ladies and gentlemen, as I mentioned earlier, in today’s post, you’ve learned about “How to Earn Money with Daman Games”. I hope you found the information on how to earn money through the Daman Games app useful. If you’re not interested in playing color prediction games, you have another option to earn money by utilizing the app’s Invite & Earn Program.

By promoting the Daman Club app, you can earn higher commissions. However, it’s important to understand how to effectively promote the Daman Games app. To assist you in this process, I’m providing the steps below.

  1. Start by logging in to the Daman Games website.
  2. Click on the Promotion tab.
  3. Under the Promotion tab, click on “Copy URL,” and this will provide you with your unique Daman Games referral link.
  4. With your referral link, you can easily share it with others.
  5. When new users sign up for the app using your Daman Games referral link, and they proceed to recharge or start playing color prediction games, you’ll begin to earn commissions through the Daman Games app.

Note – We do not promote anything wrong in this post. This is written only for the purpose of information. Any actions should be taken with responsibility.

How to Recharge in Daman Games

Friends, the method for recharging in the Daman Game is quite straightforward. By following the steps provided below, you can easily recharge in the Daman Game:

  • Begin by launching the Daman Game app.
  • Locate and tap on the “Wallet” option situated below.
  • Proceed to select the “Recharge” feature.
  • Multiple recharge options will be presented, including Normal UPI 2% Bonus, Fast UPI, USDT 2% Bonus, and Bank Transfer 2% Bonus. You can opt for any of these choices.
  • Input the desired Recharge Amount (minimum ₹100 to ₹100,000) and then click on the ‘Recharge’ button.
  • Utilize your payment app to scan the provided QR Code for immediate payment.
  • Your recharge amount will be promptly added to the balance of your Daman Games wallet account.

How to Withdraw Money from the Daman App

To initiate a cash withdrawal in Daman Games, it’s essential to input accurate account information, including your name and IFSC code. Once this is completed, the process of withdrawing your winnings becomes straightforward.

1. Navigate to the “My Profile” section.

2. Select the “Withdraw” option.

3. Choose the “+ New Bank Card” option.

4. Enter your bank details.

5. Access the wallet section and proceed to withdraw your earnings.


Dear friends, in this current post, you’ve gained insights into the topic “Daman Games Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye” (How to Earn Money with Daman Games). I trust that the information provided on the process of earning money through Daman Games has been of value to you. If you found the details regarding the Daman Games App Download helpful, please consider sharing them on your social media platforms with your circle. Should you have any queries or thoughts related to this subject, I encourage you to leave a comment below.

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