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Chandrayaan 3 is now available to the public and ISRO will soon fly Chandrayaan 3. The ISRO officials have announced that the mission is ready to go on its journey to Moon. This will be India’s third lunar project to explore the other side of the Moon. The mission’s launch date has been confirmed by scientists of Isro. Now the mission is successfully started with great wishes from the whole of India.

They have done a collaboration with the previously launched Chandrayaan 2 mission and Chandrayaan 3 will feature a combination of a lander and a rover. The Orbiter from Chandrayaan 2 is already orbiting the Moon. The scientists of Isro have carefully packed the lander rover to make it ready to deploy in the lunar orbit.

This mission failed last time with Chandrayaan 2 crash landing on the lunar surface four years ago. But our ISRO scientists are now again ready to deal with it with full confidence. The Chandrayaan 3 mission is only for a successful soft landing on the Moon’s surface so that scientists will know its mysteries and gather valuable data to understand their celestial neighbour.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date Time Confirmed by ISRO

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Date

S Somnath is the Chairman of ISRO who expressed confidence in the mission’s success and their ability to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organisation has officially confirmed the launch date and time for Chandrayaan 3 and it will take off on July 13 with a launch window extending up to July 19 according to S Somnath.

This confirmation has generated great excitement as India prepares to go on the trip of the third lunar project. The period between July 12 and July 19 is the expected time for the launch due to its efficiency in fuel consumption during the journey to the Moon. The officials of ISRO and the Department of Space have confirmed the completion of the processes which involve many processes.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Live Stream Today

Chandrayaan 3 is set to launch from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota in a few hours. The goal is to safely land on the moon’s surface which will happen around 23 August or 24. The ISRO has invited the entire country to watch the live launch of Chandrayaan-3, but registration for attending in person is closed. But you can still watch the Chandrayaan 3 live launch event on ISRO’s official website and WION Youtube channel.

Watch Chandrayaan 3 Live Launch Streaming Here

You can watch the live streaming of Chandrayaan 3 from the live video given above or also on official website of The live launch event will start at 2:30 PM on 14 July 2023 where you will see the launch of this mission. The mission has three main parts, a lander, rover, and propulsion module. The Orbiter from the previous Chandrayaan-2 mission which is still in the moon’s atmosphere will be used in this new mission. This new change has been done after the challenges faced by Chandrayaan-2 during its landing attempt in 2019. ISRO officials have made several changes to overcome past failures.

Chandrayaan 3 landing Date Confimed

According to ISRO officials, Chandrayaan 3 will reach the moon’s surface on 23 August or 24 August maximum. The mission was launched on July 14 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota and officials have expected the landing time approx 40 days. The main goal is to softly land on the moon’s southern pole and the entire mission will last about 14 days which is equal to one lunar night.

Chandrayaan 3 Launch Mission Explained in Easy Language

Chandrayaan 3 Mission

Chandrayaan 3 will be carried by India’s heaviest launch vehicle which is GSLV Mk-III which will take it to its destination. The main goal of this mission is to do a soft landing on the lunar surface of the moon. Till now only three countries have reached that place which is India, Russia, and China.

Mission NameChandrayaan 3
Launch Date14 July 2023
Landing Date23-24 August
Launch LocationSatish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh
IntegrationSpacecraft integrated with Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM3)
Total BudgetRs 615 crore
Article onChandrayaan 3 Launch Date and Time in Hindi

The Chandrayaan 3 launch shows our country and scientist commitment to space exploration. As the countdown of take-off begins, everyone will get excited, as we saw last time that our prime minister was continuous with the ISRO team to give them some consolation after the crash landing.

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Chandrayaan 3 Launch Budget for this Mission

Chandrayaan 3 Budget for this Mission

The Indian Space Research Organization has conducted the third space mission with the goal of exploring the Moon. The officials have decided the budget for this mission which is 75 crores for the scientists of the project and ISRO’s Chairman K Sivan officially announced the final cost of the entire mission to be Rs 615 crore.

A main portion of the investment is for the model for Chandrayaan 3. This model will carry a rover and lander to the surface of the Moon. The scientists have given their 100 per cent in the construction of Chandrayaan 3 and tried to fix the issue which caused the crash last time and this time everyone is so confident about the mission.

Chandrayaan 3 Take-Off Place Details

ISRO will lead the Chandrayaan 3 mission and it will take off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. On 5 July 2023, ISRO announced that they integrated the spacecraft has been successful with the Launch Vehicle Mark III at this facility. The Satish Dhawan Space Centre is very popular for its ability to launch space missions like previous trips to the Moon.

The centre is located on the eastern coast of India, Sriharikota which is an excellent location for launching spacecraft due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal. The site has all the important infrastructure, facilities and security measures for the successful launch. With its experienced team and advanced facilities at ISRO, the Satish Dhawan Space Centre is known as a central hub for India’s space.

Chandrayaan 3 Fly date is near

Everyone is excited about the fly date for Chandrayaan 3 mission which is led by ISRO. The official has not revealed the exact launch date yet but the launch window is scheduled between 12 July and 19 July 2023. ISRO Chairman S Somanath has said in his statement that they will select the earliest possible date within this timeframe to begin the mission.

Once the spacecraft is launched, it will go through a series to reach the Moon. Similar to the previous Chandrayaan 2 mission, the lander and orbiter will circle around the Moon and land on its surface.


In conclusion, we have discussed important details about the Chandrayaan 3 launch mission today. We learned about its launch date, budget, mission goals and the place from where it will take off. The ISRO has been preparing for this lunar expedition. Now that the spacecraft is integrated with the Launch Vehicle at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota everything is ready for Chandrayaan 3 to begin its journey to the Moon.

We will update you about the future updates about Chandrayaan 3 mission through our upcoming articles, and also we will this post as well.


What is the Chandrayaan 3 mission?

Chandrayaan 3 is India’s third lunar project led by ISRO organisation. It will do a safe landing on the Moon’s surface to conduct scientific experiments and analysis.

Where will Chandrayaan 3 launch from?

Chandrayaan 3 will take off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India.

What is the expected launch date for Chandrayaan 3?

The launch window for Chandrayaan 3 is from 12 July to 19 July 2023. The specific launch date is not announced by officials.

How much is the budget for the Chandrayaan 3 mission?

The estimated budget for Chandrayaan 3 was initially Rs 75 crore. But the chairman has declared the final cost of the entire mission as Rs 615 crore.

What is the main objective of Chandrayaan 3?

The main objective is to achieve a soft landing on the lunar surface to conduct chemical analysis and find new technologies required for future planetary missions.

What is Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date?

The landing date of the mission is 23-24 August maximum according to ISRO officials.

Image Credit – The Indian Express, The Economics Times, The Week

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