Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date 2023, Cast, Trailer, When It Will Come on Netflix?

Bridgerton season 3 is a romantic Netflix series that was started in December 2020 and since then it has got many positive reviews. The series has got 7.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb and over 150K viewers have rated it. Now, most people are waiting for season 3 and want to know when it is coming out.

Nicola Coughlan and Julie Andrews are the main lead actors in this show and they have done a great job. There are some leaks which are coming out about it and now this information has made everyone excited. We will discuss all of them today.

When is Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date?

Everyone wants to know when the next part will come out. Even though Netflix has not confirmed any details at this time, but it can be guessed based on some clues that are coming out now. The filming for the new part started in July 2022 and even though there was a problem with actors striking it was finished. The first season came out on Christmas in 2020 and the second in March 2022.

When is Bridgerton Season 3 Release Date?

According to the latest updates, Bridgerton Season 3 will come on 14 December 2023 on Netflix. The trailer for the series will also come in September or October 2023 as of the new leaks. It was expected that the third part would be on Netflix in the summer of 2023. But because of the strike, there is some late in the comeback of the series.

Someone from the Netflix team has posted that the show can do its comeback in December 2023. There can be some change in the date but as of now, it is confirmed. You can also wait for some new leaks from the official as creators will also try to post some new leaks soon on this series.


Who will be Bridgerton Season 3 Star Cast?

We are really excited for the next part of Bridgerton and one big question is about the characters in new episodes. There will be some old characters and some new ones too. The actors who will do the comeback are Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton, Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton, Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey as the oldest Bridgerton sibling, and Simone Ashley as Viscountess Kate Bridgerton. Nicola Coughlan will be back as Penelope Hetherington, who also writes secret gossip as Lady Whistledown. Also, Adjoa Andoh is coming back as Lady Danbury and Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte.

Who will be Bridgerton Season 3 Star Cast?

New characters are joining the show too like Daniel Francis who is known for Stay Close and he will come to play the role of Marcus Anderson. Also, Sam Phillips from The Crown will be Lord Debling who gets a lot of attention from young ladies. Lastly, James Phon will be Harry Dankworth who is a handsome guy.

  • Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton
  • Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton
  • Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton
  • James Phoon as Harry Dankworth
  • Daniel Francis as Marcus Anderson
  • Hannah New as Lady Tilley
  • Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington
  • Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte
  • Jonathan Bailey as the eldest Bridgerton sibling
  • Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington
  • Polly Walker as Lady Portia Featherington
  • Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury
  • Ruth Gemmell as Violet Bridgerton
  • Sam Phillips as Lord Debling
  • Simone Ashley as Viscountess Kate Bridgerton
  • Harriet Cains as Phillipa Featherington

What can be Bridgerton Season 3 Storylines?

In Season 3 of Bridgerton, the big story is about Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton. Penelope had a crush on Colin for a while. She wants to find a husband and also be known as Lady Whistledown. But things don’t happen the same way she hopes. Now, he comes back from his travels and offers to help Penelope become more confident. This makes them start to feel unexpected things for each other.

What can be Bridgerton Season 3 Storylines?

Penelope also has a secret identity as Lady Whistledown, and this causes issues with her friend Eloise Bridgerton. In this season, we will get to see how their friendship changes and if Penelope’s secret gets known. So, the main story is about Penelope and Colin falling in love and dealing with the problems that come along.

Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained

In the previous part, the story was about Viscount Anthony Bridgerton and his feelings for Kate Sharma. She is the older sister of the woman he is about to marry. At first, Anthony thinks marriage is just a duty to help his family and he doesn’t plan to fall in love. But when he meets the Sharma sisters, then things change. The episodes show how Anthony and Kate try not to like each other, but they cannot help feeling drawn to each other. And at the end, their strong attraction turns into a secret romance.

Bridgerton Season 2 Ending Explained

Towards the end of the season, Anthony does something brave by asking Kate to marry him. He tells her he hasn’t been able to forget her since they met. Kate is unsure at first because she worries about how it might affect her sister Edwina. But when Edwina gives her approval, Kate follows her feelings and says yes to Anthony’s proposal. This was a positive sign for their future.

As for Edwina, she is hurt and surprised when she finds out about her sister’s feelings for Anthony. And, She cancels her own wedding even though Anthony, Kate, their mom try to convince her to go through with it to avoid causing a scandal, Edwina realizes she should have the freedom to decide her own path, just like her sister did. The end of part 2 was with Anthony and Kate’s marriage.


In the end, Bridgerton Season 3 will be really exciting as the previous part was about love, feelings, and the rules people have to follow in the Bridgerton family’s fancy world. The love stories of Anthony and Kate are sorted out, and Edwina’s future is still uncertain. You will get to know more updates on it very soon from officials.


What is release date of Bridgerton Season 3?

The release date of the Bridgerton Season 3 is 14 December 2023 according to the latest updates.

Who is the main cast in the Bridgerton Season 3?

Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Charithra Chandran, and Shelley Conn are the main cast of the film.

Who is the director of the Bridgerton Season 3?

Famous director Tom Verica has directed the movie.

Who is the producer of Bridgerton Season 3?

Shonda Rhimes has produced the series.

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