Bombay Fatafat Result

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Bombay Fatafat Result-21-apr-2023

Here is the full chart of today’s result-

1st Bazi***
2nd Bazi***
3rd Bazi***
4th Bazi***
5th Bazi***
6th Bazi***
7th Bazi***
8th Bazi***
9th Bazi***
10th Bazi***
11th Bazi***
12th Bazi***

Bombay Fatafat Time Of Bazi

The first bazi of the Bombay Fatafat lottery game starts at 9:10 Am, ending with the 12th bazi at 8:10 Pm.

Mumbai Fatafat (FF) Details

Name of the gameBombay Fatafat Lottery
price of each lottery ticketRs 7
Prize moneyRs 1 crore
Total Bazi in the game12
City nameBombay

How to check the result of Mumbai Fatafat Online?

If you have bought any tickets for this game and want to check the results of the game, then you can check it from our official website. We share original results which are extracted from official sources, otherwise, you can check the results of the Bombay Fatafat through their official website by following these simple steps.

  • Open our website through the chrome browser or from any of your device’s browsers.
  • Go through the result charts, there will be links which are the result links.
  • Click on the link, those links are safe and tested websites.
  • After clicking the link you will be redirected to their official website which is
  • Then look at the result section which will be displayed on your screen.
  • If the number matches with your predicted number then congrats you are the winner of the game.
  • Contact the team or with the local agents to claim your rewards.

About Bombay Fatafat

Bombay Fatafat is a part of the Indian gambling system which takes place after the 90s era in India. Due to huge unemployment in India gam-bling which is more popularly known as lottery games started in India.

Many peoples are earning a good amount of money from these games and living their life, some of their’s primary income comes from these lottery games. These games are for the lower middle class or for lower-class people who want to be financially strong. They invest their money in this game and hope to win a big reward, a prestigious amount of money, to become financially strong.

Bombay Fatafat is a popular gambling game in Bombay, it is a game more or less like Satta Matka so it is also known as Bombay Matka. In this game, a candidate has to bet on a particular number according to his own. If he predicts the accurate number before the next Bazi, he/she will be the winner of the game and will be rewarded with an amount of money.

This type of game is risky to play as it is dependent on your luck rather than on your skills. So play and invest your money at your own risk.

Bombay Fatafat lottery game can be played both offline and online, to play in online you have to move forward by registering on their website which is or you can contact directly with their agent on social media platforms and book your slot investing your money.

12 bazi’s are done per day. You have to predict the exact number before the next bazi. If you predict the accurate number before the next bazi then you will be declared the winner of the game.

This game is played every day except Sunday. The price of each lottery ticket is rupees 7. The prize money for the lottery ticket is rupees 1 crore which is a prestigious amount of money.

Main Bombay Fatafat is a 25-number opening game for all Indian users, card of Main Bombay can access from any city or state of India.

This game is luck based game and addictive game. This game doesn’t need any skill to win. So play at your own risk and think about it before investing your money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mumbai Fatafat?

Mumbai Fatafat is a popular lottery game. In this game, you have to put bets on a particular number. If you predict the correct number before the next bazi then you will be declared as the winner of the game.

What is the prize money of Mumbai Fatafat?

INR 1 crore is the prize money for the winner of this game.

How much is it cost to buy a Mumbai Fatafat lottery ticket?

It is very cheap and affordable for everyone. The price of each lottery ticket is INR 7 rupees.

What is the timing of the Mumbai Fatafat result?

The timing of the Mumbai Fatafat is given below-
1st Bazi- 9:10 Am
2nd Bazi- 10:10 Am
3rd Bazi- 11:10 Am
4th Bazi- 12:10 Pm
5th Bazi- 01:10 Pm
6th Bazi- 02:10 Pm
7th Bazi- 03:10 Pm
8th Bazi- 04:10 Pm
9th Bazi- 05:10 Pm
10th Bazi- 06:10 Pm
11th Bazi- 07:10 Pm
12th Bazi- 08:10 Pm

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