Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date, Star Cast, Plot, Budget, When It Is Coming?

A famous Japanese series Alice in Borderland is now coming back with a season 3. The series is about a guy Kento and a girl Tao who gets stuck in a dangerous game. They have to play card games to survive and win which keeps them alive. But if they lose, they can be dead.

The web series is very popular and after the recent leaks, people were so excited when the second season came out. Now everyone is excited for the third season and makers haven’t given us any hint. The complete series has got 7.7 stars out of 10 with over 85000 reviews at this time which is impressive.

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date

When is Alice in Borderland Season 3 OTT Release Date?

The viewers of the series Alice in Borderland are excited for the third season to come out. This is a Japanese show that has a great story and lots of game scenes. The first season came out in December 2020 and people loved it. Then the second season came out in December 2022 and it made the show even more popular.

Now everyone is waiting for the third season, but the makers have not announced any date at this time. According to the latest sources, season 3 of Alice in Borderland will come in December 2023. The third season will show us the story that exciting games.

Who will be Alice in Borderland Season 3 Star Cast?

In Season 3 of Alice in Borderland, you can expect to see the previous cast like Kento Yamazaki who plays the brave Ryohei Arisu, and Tao Tsuchiya, who plays the role of Yuzuha Usagi, will most likely come back. They did such a great job in the first two seasons and everyone loved their performances.

There are also other talented actors and actresses who might return for Season 3. Nijiro Murakami, who played the mysterious Shuntaro Chishiya, and Aya Asahina, who was awesome as the tough Hikari Kuina, are part of the show too. And let’s not forget Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna, Dori Sakurada as Suguru Niragi, and Keita Machida as Chota Segawa. They all did such a good job bringing their characters to life and making the story even more interesting.

  1. Kento Yamazaki as Ryohei Arisu
  2. Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi
  3. Nijiro Murakami as Shuntaro Chishiya
  4. Aya Asahina as Hikari Kuina
  5. Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna
  6. Dori Sakurada as Suguru Niragi
  7. Keita Machida as Chota Segawa
  8. Liz MacRae as Ann Rizuna
  9. Yuki Morinaga as Chota Segawa
  10. Eleanor Noble as Yuzuha Usagi
  11. Daniel Rindress-Kay as Ryohei Arisu
  12. Yutaro Watanabe as Kodai Tatta
  13. Sho Aoyagi as Aguni Morizono
  14. Wyatt Bowen as Daikichi Karube
  15. Julian Stamboulieh as Chota Segawa

What can be Alice in Borderland Season 3 Storylines?

The third season is going to be super awesome as there will be some surprises and crazy stories. As we saw in the last season, they found a special Joker card, and it revealed that the world they thought was real might not be real at all. So, this gives us hints of the new season like Alice in Wonderland which will be even more interesting.

What can be Alice in Borderland Season 3 Storylines?

Also, there is a big chance that the contestants can get stuck in a false world just like Arisu did in the last episode of the last season. They might forget about all the games they played and even lose their memories of each other. It will be tough for them to escape from this tricky game.

The gamemasters will come up with all tricks to trap the contestants. Also since the old gamemasters are gone, so new characters like Banda and Yaba can become in charge of games. So now the team of Alice will face even more surprises and challenges to survive.

When Will Alice in Borderland Season 3 Official Trailer Come?

Everyone is super excited about it and waiting for the official trailer but right now, the creators haven’t given us any hints about that. The show can come in December 2023 as we told earlier, so the trailer will come after a few months in late 2023. Once the trailer is out then you will get more clarity about Alice in Borderland Season 3.

Where Alice in Borderland Season 3 Will Stream Online?

The first two seasons were released on Netflix and it has the right to stream this series, so you will be able to watch the complete season 3 of Alice in Borderland on the Netflix app and website. Currenlty, you can watch the previous season 2 and 1 which is currently streaming there but you need to have a subscription to that.


Everyone is super excited about Alice in Borderland Season 3 because of the exciting story. We have shared all the details about this series that has come out because of recent leaks. No one can wait to see the next thrills that will happen in the show. There will be many new actions, drama and interesting changes to the characters which will make it exciting. The show has a big fanbase who are waiting for the official announcement. So it is going to be amazing and Alice in Borderland Season 3 is going to be so awesome just like the first two seasons.


What is Alice in Borderland’s Season 3 web series release date?
The release date of Alice in Borderland Season 3 is December 2023 according to the latest updates.

Who is the main cast in the Alice in Borderland Season 3 web series?
Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya, Nijiro Murakami, and Aya Asahina are the main cast of the film.

Who is the director of Alice in Borderland Season 3?
Famous director Shinsuke Sato has directed the web series Alice in Borderland Season 3.

Who is the producer of Alice in Borderland Season 3?
Akira Morii has produced the web series.

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