5 Best BGMI Guns In 2023

5 Best BGMI Guns In 2023: with the comeback of BGMI in India it’s time to upgrade your armory as well. This article will provide you complete details about the top 5 guns of BGMI in 2023. We have also gave some vital tips on common mistakes you should avoid while you are handling the firearm.

Stay with us and check out the full article to know more about the top 5 BGMI guns in 2023. We have provided full details starting from assault rifles to sniper rifles, and the article is easy to understand. So don’t just waste further anymore time, dive into the article to become a pro player in BGMI.

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5 Best Guns for BGMI players in 2023

#Gun Name
5 Best Guns in BGMI

1. MG3

Machine Gun MG3

MG3 is one of the most deadliest weapons which is still active in BGMI. It is a machine gun which features two shooting modes with different automatic firing speeds.

  • It has two firing speeds of which one of them is 660 firing speed and the other is 990 firing speed.
    • The 660 firing speed allows players to shoot small burst fires at their enemies.
    • While on the other hand the second firing mode which is 990 firing speed is ideal for close-combat battles.
    • The 990 firing mode continuously fires ammo which deals a heavy damage to your enemy.
  • MG3 uses 7.62mm ammunition and carries 75 bullets per round.
  • This weapon is only available in airdrops not in free loots and it remains as one of the most deadliest machine gun in the game till now.

This was our recommended list for the top 5 guns in BGMI in 2023 to use. Remember to play TDM with the above mentioned gun to test your skill with the game before you risk yourself in the classic mode.

Please keep in mind that these are not the only choices but surely an effective one.

2. AWM

Sniper Rifle AWM

No doubt AWM is the best sniper rifle in (BGMI). The gun uses total 20 bullets, with five per round in the airdrop.

  • AWM is only found in airdrops not in free loots.
  • This gun is used to eliminate rivals in long-range battles where sniping may be an option.
  • Players can use 8x scope with the gun to make it the most out of it. With 8x scope you can spot and kill enemies in the mid and long-range gun fights.
  • Keep in mind that this gun is fantastic but hard to handle, a single shot of AWM’s bullet can even go through a level 3 helmet in the game.

Players are advised to use a sniper suppressor to improve the gun’s stealth position and to quickly clean out your enemies squad.

3. M416

Assault Rifle M416

The M416 gun is probably one of the versatile weapons in the game. It is mostly found as a primary shooting option in most players loadouts.

  • M416 gun is an ideal gun for beginners as this gun has a low recoil rate so players can easily handle and tackle this gun during combat times.
  • As this gun has a stable recoil pattern this gun can be used for close as well as mid-range battles. Players are advised to minimize their scope length to 3x while using 6x to avoid high recoil while firing.
  • M416 uses 5.56m ammo and has a well-balanced fire rate and base damage.
  • If you successfully deal a proper damage to your enemies head then your enemy will get knock down after 2-3 shots with M416.

4. AKM

Assault Rifle AKM
  • AKM is one of the best assault rifle in BGMI.
  • The AKM or (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanny, lit. Modernized Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle) is an improved version of the original AK-47.
  • AKM is the best gun for players who are going for close-range battles, this gun can take more kills for a batter F/D ratio in the game.
  • This gun performs excellent in close range combat and can take down enemies in just two perfect headshots.
  • AKM uses 7.62mm ammo and is available in free loot.
  • AKM players can also enhance the power of the gun with a compensator to minimize the tough recoil pattern and with an extended quickdraw magazine to increase the ammunition capacity to 40 bullets per round.

5. DBS

Shotgun DBS

DBS is one of the most dangerous weapons in the close range that the game has ever witnessed. DBS is basically a shotgun which has a better fire rate than most other shotguns in the game. This gun is highly accurate and has better range.

DBS’s magazine capacity is enough to wipe out an entire squad in the game without even reloading. At the end of the day it is a shotgun and players are advised to focus mainly on aim to take down the enemy within the first two shots or else you will get damage from your enemy.

The gun is deadliest whether you are pushing a building or holding a TPP.

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