One Piece OTT Release Date in India, When It is Coming on Netflix?

Netflix has revealed the OTT release date for the One Piece series, which is currently available to stream online. Monkey Luffy has been included in a preview of the upcoming series on Netflix. You can imagine the popularity of the series by seeing 8.9 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

This television program is entirely based on the fantastic narrative by Eiichiro Oda, which is packed with adventure, friendship, and a lot of action. Please provide further information on this leak as well as all the others.

When is the One Piece OTT Release Date?

According to the latest announcement by Netflix, the series will start streaming on 31 August on the Netflix app and all the episodes will be available to stream one by one. After the announcement, the viewers are so excited and waiting to enjoy it online.

The series is in the queue for so long and finally, it is coming online. It has a lot of viewers who were waiting for the official announcement and finally, Netflix has revealed its streaming date where you will be able to enjoy it. All the episodes of One Piece will stream on the platform. It has got positive and negative reviews too but still, everyone is excited to watch it once again.

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Who is the One Piece Star Cast?

The actors who have given their voices in this anime show are really special to the fans. Tanaka is the voice behind Monkey D. Luffy who is the main character of the series. Another person, Laurent Vernin has given the voice of Mr. 7 who is a mysterious character that makes the story interesting.

Tony Beck plays the part of Roronoa Zoro who is a swordsman who is really strong. People have liked his character since the show began. Also, Akemi Okamura has given the voice of Nami who is really smart and good at finding things. Kazuya Nakai works hard to give life to Roronoa Zoro who is really loyal and skilled character. There is also Kappei Yamaguchi who has given the voice of a character who is brave. Hiroaki Hirata has given the voice of Sanji who is a cook.

  • Mayumi Tanaka as Monkey Luffy
  • Laurent Vernin as Mr 7
  • Tony Beck as Roronoa Zoro
  • Akemi Okamura as Nami
  • Kazuya Nakai as Roronoa Zoro
  • Kappei Yamaguchi as Usopp
  • Hiroaki Hirata as Sanji
  • Ikue Ôtani as Tony Tony Chopper
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard as Monkey Luffy
  • Yuriko Yamaguchi as Nico Robin
  • Mahito Oba as The Narrator
  • Kazuki Yao as Franky
  • Chikao Otsuka as Gold Roger
  • Luci Christian as Nami
  • Christopher Sabat as Roronoa Zoro
  • Sonny Strait as Usopp
  • Eric Vale as Sanji
  • Cho as Brook
  • Brina Palencia as Tony Tony Chopper
  • Bill Jenkins as The Narrator

What can be One Piece Storylines?

The show One Piece is an amazing story of Monkey D. Luffy who is special because his body can stretch like rubber which gives him much power. His biggest dream is to become the King of the Pirates and for that, he travels over dangerous oceans and makes friends with a group of people.

Along the way, they meet tough enemies and go to interesting islands. As the crew travels, they meet both friends and enemies and each of them had their own goals. The story is about friendship, staying true to each other, and chasing dreams. The team faces many challenges, like big fights and forming close friendships with unexpected people. But, this story happens in a big world, and this series is full of action, fun, and feelings.

How Is One Piece Review – Did Viewers Love it?

Viewers are upset about Gear 5th which is a big change in the story. Some people are excited about it but others don’t like it. Gear 5 is a big change in the story and it has made some people really excited. The makers have changed things but some people did not take it seriously.

In the history of anime, Gear 5th is going to be remembered with other big changes. But, still, there are many different opinions, One Piece is still getting positive reviews online and people still love it. You can give it a try and if you want something adventurous.

Where One Piece Will Stream Online?

The special real-life version is going to start on Netflix. The One Piece show will start on August 31 so you will be able to binge this on the platform. That is when you can watch Monkey D. Luffy and his friends on Netflix and people all over the world can also enjoy the complete series.


There is a lot of excitement because fans are really excited about the digital premiere date of One Piece on Netflix. It has a really interesting story, cool characters, and lots of action and friendship. You will can enjoy it which is loved by many viewers. The show starts on August 31 and it is going to be a really exciting journey that brings Eiichiro Oda’s awesome story to life in a new way.


When will One Piece release on the OTT platform?

The series will release on 21 August 2023 on the Ott Platform according to the latest announcement.

Which OTT Platform has bought One Piece Digital Rights?

Netflix has purchased the Digital Rights for the series.

Is One Piece Can be Watched with Family Members?

Yes, this series can be enjoyed with friends and families.

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