Increase height effectively with yoga: simple exercises to grow taller naturally 


Tadasana helps in stimulating growth hormones and performing it will be beneficial to increase height however results will be seen in the long run but surely it relaxes the body and makes the spine flexible which leads to an increase the height.

Sarvang Asana  

Performing sarvang asana correctly creates pressure against gravity which helps in increasing height however breathing shall be normal to see results effectively.


It is proven that Shirshasana triggers the pituitary gland which secretes the growth hormone and allows it to function better. Shirshasana should be performed with sarvang asana to see better results.

Ustra Asana  

Ustra asana or the camel pose helps in increasing height by triggering the pituitary or the master gland. It is a backward bending pose so a person having spine issues should avoid this.


Paschimottanasana or the seated forward bend should be performed with ustra asana or any backward bending asana as it is a forward bending pose which helps the spine making more flexible and results in increasing height.

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