What is Disease X: After the end of Corona, people just breathed a shriek of relief when scientists expressed concern about another possible epidemic. This epidemic has been called ‘Disease X’ by the World Health Organization (WHO).’ WHO has also said that it may have formerly started spreading in the world.

UK health experts have said about Disease X that a new epidemic may soon be seen which will prove to be more deadly than Covid-19. In 1918-1920, the Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide and a similar number of deaths can be expected due to Disease X.

Dame Kate Bingham, who was the chairperson of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, says that Disease X can be 7 times more deadly than the Coronavirus and it can kill about 5 crore people. According to WHO data, there were about 70 lakh deaths due to Corona worldwide and now the coming epidemic has increased the enterprises and now Disease X is being considered more dangerous than Corona.

Let us know what is Disease X, how does it spread, what are the ways to avoid it and what is the opinion of experts regarding this?

What is Disease X

Disease X is a term used to describe a disease that is spread by infection. Even medical science does not know about what causes it, how it spreads, where it will start and how it will end.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had alerted about Disease X a few months ago. WHO itself has named it Disease X because not much is known about this disease. Millions of viruses present on Earth can cause Disease X. Actually, Disease X is not a disease. This is a term which is used for those diseases or infections, in the current circumstances, about which no one has any information.

Dr. Neha Rastogi says, ‘DiseaseX is probably caused by a ‘pathogenic X’ which causes the spread of another disease. This could be related to a zoonotic disease like an RNA virus, that is, it would occur in wild or domestic animals and then they are expected to spread to humans. Ebola, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 were also zoonotic diseases that came from animals to humans. There is a need for very strict monitoring of these diseases.

Some experts say that ‘Disease X’ can occur due to sudden accidents in labs and bioterrorism. Which could potentially pose a global catastrophic risk.

What are the experts’ opinions?

Dame Kate Bingham, president of the UK’s vaccine taskforce, said during an interview,’ The world will have to prepare for a large-scale vaccination crusade and administer boluses in record time. It’s as contagious as Ebola, with a mortality rate of 67 percent. It’s shifting nearly in the world and will make people sick in the future.

Dame Kate Bingham further said,’ The new epidemic could arise from the being contagion and could prove to be seven times more deadly than Covid- 19. Scientists are presently covering 25 contagion groups, each of which contains thousands of individual contagions, any one of which could turn into a serious epidemic.

More than 200 scientists at the high-security Porton Down Lab in Wiltshire have also started searching for a vaccination for’ Disease X’. Scientists are fastening on beast contagions with the eventuality to infect humans and spread fleetly around the world. raspberry flu, monkeypox and hantavirus are also included in the compass of disquisition.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, head of the UK Health Security Agency( UKHSA), said,’ Factors similar to climate change and population change are adding the liability of unborn pandemics. Emphasis should be placed on medication for this.

Neha Rastogi, contagious complaint adviser at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, says,’ Health problems are still arising due to Covid-19 and its other variants. Healthcare experts are preparing for a new implicit epidemic called Disease. Experts have issued a warning that the new contagion could be as ruinous as the Spanish flu. According to the World Health Organization, numerous types of conditions can occur due to Disease X, Which can become a serious epidemic and can cause humans to fall ill on a large scale.

Prevention of Disease X

Experts say immediate and appropriate travel restrictions, including screening at airports, may need to be implemented to prevent Disease For this, decisions of the world’s big leaders and scientists will also be needed. Testing kits, vaccines and primary medical aid will be needed to prevent and prevent the pandemic.


Disease x can prove to be many times more deadly than Corona. But there is no need to panic about this right now. Because disease x may take a long time to appear or rather it may take several years. We have to take special care that we get our children vaccinated at the right time.

If we look at the old history of epidemics, it becomes clear that it takes at least 80-100 years for one epidemic to come to another. So, at present there is no need to worry about disease X. Yes, we definitely need to be cautious.


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