How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial 2023 [Again and Again]

If you want Amazon Prime Free Trial in 2023, then you are at the right webpage. Today we will share some tips by which you will easily get free Amazon Prime Trial even if you are first time user or you have already taken a Prime membership. So make sure to read this post till the end to know those tricks.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial 2023 [Again and Again]

Amazon Prime has become a popular app that millions of users use worldwide. There are many features of prime membership like free shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Music and much more. Amazon offers a free Trial period for new subscribers and many users thinks if there is a way to keep enjoying the benefits without paying the subscription fee. In this article, we will tell you some ways and also all the benefits are given below.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Trial?

There are some good benefits of Amazon Prime Trial, let us have a look at some of them below.

  • Amazon Prime offers free and fast shipping for their members to enjoy fast delivery of eligible items within two days.
  • With Amazon Prime Video, you can get access to of many the latest movies, web series and original content, including blockbuster movies during the free Trial.
What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Trial?
  • You can enjoy Prime Music which is Amazon’s music streaming platform where you can enjoy ad free songs and there are over two million songs with offline music downloads for Prime members.
  • You can get e-books, magazines, and comics for Kindle devices or the Kindle app by taking a Prime subscription.
  • It also provides gamers with free monthly game downloads and exclusive in-game content.
  • There is one special feature, that you can get early access to lightning deals and exclusive discounts during major sales events like Prime Day which is available for only Prime members.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial for 30 Days in 2023?

There can be two cases, first is you have never used Amazon Prime and you want to take a Trial for the First time, and there will be a second possibility where you have already taken the Trial earlier and want to take an Amazon Prime Trial Again and Again, so we will discuss both cases.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial for 30 Days in 2023?

Get Amazon Prime Free Trial for New Member

Step 1: If you haven’t taken the Prime trial earlier, then Visit the Amazon Prime Free Trial Page by Clicking below button. Also if you are using your smartphone, then install Amazon Prime Video app by clicking here.

Step 2: Open the app and find the subscription option then Click on Start Your 30-day Free Trial, and then you will see a new page.

Step 3: If you do not already have Amazon account then you will need to create one. Click on the Create your Amazon account or Sign up button and register by providing all the details.

Get Amazon Prime Free Trial for New Member

Step 4: Now you are on the final page, Now Enter Payment Information and complete your purchase, you will not have to pay any amount, only Rs. 2 will get deducted for checking whether the card is working or not.

Step 5: Now, start enjoying Amazon Prime Benefits, once you’ve completed the registration process and completed the payment process then your Amazon Prime free trial will activate.

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Get Amazon Prime Free Trial Again and Again

If you have previously taken the Prime free trial but it has expired then you may be thinking if it is possible to get another trial. Officially, Amazon restrict multiple free trials on the same account but there are a few methods you can get access to another trial period. Let us know those methods too.

Wait for 1 Year

After your 30 day Free Trial expires then you can wait for 1 year before trying to sign up for another trial. When the waiting period is over then you can log in to your account and select the Prime membership option again.

Use Recharge Plans with Amazon Prime Trial

Some mobile phone plans offer a prime trial for a month like Airtel, VI and Jio, so if you see these in the recharge plan, then do your recharge with that plan.

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student Membership

If you are a student then Amazon offers a special deal where you can enjoy a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months. This extended trial period is available even if you have already completed 30 day trial.

Sign Up for a New Amazon Account

You can create a new account to take the Prime trial but make sure you close your old account as you can take only trial from Amazon, or you simply use other device and name during sign up.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

If you want to cancel Trial after you use it for 30 days then you can follow these steps. If you don’t cancel the trial, then you will have to pay the amount and if there is no balance in your account, then the bank will put some charges on your account because of insufficient balance. So it will be better to cancel your subscription.

Step 1: Go to Your Prime Membership by opening your Amazon App and logging in to your account.

Step 2: Go to Account option and click on YOUR ACCOUNT then you will see a new page.

Step 3: Now there click on MANAGE PRIME MEMBERSHIP on the new page.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

Step 4: Click the MANAGE MEMBERSHIP option that you can see in image below, click on it and then you will see a new page like image given below.

Step 5: Next, there is all the membership detail and you can see when your trial is expiring, you will see an option for UPDATE, CANCEL & MORE, just click on it.

Step 6: Now, you are on the last step, just click on END MEMBERSHIP, and your trial will end, and you will not have to pay any amount now for renewal.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

Canceling your Amazon Prime free trial is easy. Just follow these steps in your Amazon account settings to not allow it to renew automatically. You can still get all the benefits of Amazon Prime until your trial period ends. Just remember to cancel your trial within the times limit to avoid any charges.


Does Amazon Prime Have Free Trial?

Yes, Amazon Prime have a free trial that you can avail of for 30 days by adding a payment method and signing up by paying 2 rupees.

Does Amazon Prime Include Kindle?

Yes, in the trial you will get Kindle for free during the whole trial period.

Does Amazon Prime Have Free Delivery?

Yes, once you are premium prime member, then you will get fast and free delivery on eligible orders on Amazon.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver in One Day?

In some areas, it delivers within a day but in some areas, it can take up to 2 days to deliver, it depends on your location.

How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial?

You can get Amazon Prime Free Trial by installing the app and sing up with your account details, and once you complete the payment using cards or UPI, then your trial will get activated and you can enjoy that for 30 days.

Is Paying for Amazon Prime Worth It?

If you order stuff more than twice a month, the flat fee for unlimited free deliveries might be worth it. But remember, some items aren’t eligible for Prime and it can make you buy more because of this trial. Check your order history to see if Prime would have saved you money, or only subscribe for the months when you plan to order a lot and then cancel.


Today we have discussed How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial in 2023 with the help of images and infographics, also we mention all the benefits of a Prime Trial and discussed how to cancel free trial of amazon prime with the help of images. If you still have any doubt, then tell us in the comments below and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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