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Submission of Quarterly Report

Quarterly Reports have to be submitted regularly regarding action taken by you relating to preventing animal cruelty, transportation etc. in the format detailed below:

Name :

ID Card No. :

Address :

Phone No. (if any) :

1. Cruelties identified and action taken;
2. Overloaded carts identified and action taken;
3. Details about service rendered for injured and sick animals on roads;
4. Details about service rendered in the transportation of animals;
5. Details about Mobile Camps/Clinics conducted in your area;
6. Steps taken for spreading awareness about animal welfare activities;
7. Rescue Activities carried out during natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquake, riot, tsunami and;
8. Steps taken to stop cruel sports that involve animals in your area.

Please note that if quarterly reports are not received for 2 successive quarters, your card will be cancelled automatically. This card is being issued to you for the sole purpose of helping you to work in assisting the Animal Welfare Board of India to prevent cruelty to animals and if anyone is found misusing this card, strict legal & penal action would be initiated by the Board in addition to recalling/cancellation of the card. The Board has not authorized you to issue any written communication using the Board’s letterhead or use the AWBI/MoEF name / logo in official correspondence or to collect fines, etc. The card is liable to be cancelled in the event of any such misuse.

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