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Duties of HAWO

An Honorary Animal Welfare Officer (HAWO) is required to have working knowledge of the important provisions of the PCA Act, 1960 and the Rules made thereunder.  The Act and the Rules are available in the AWBI’s Website www.awbi.org
The HAWO should report to and convince the enforcement agencies of the State Government to take immediate remedial action in cases pertaining to cruelty/abuse of animals and inform the Board of the incident of cruelty immediately.
The HAWO is expected to sensitize the community so that incidents of cruelty to animals are reduced.
The HAWO should bring the incidents of cruelty to wild animals immediately to the notice of Wildlife Department.
The HAWO is not authorized to collect any fines, penalties in any form from the offenders/others also not to raid the premises/confiscate any animal.  It will be considered as an offence. If any HAWO is found to indulge in such practices, the Board will be constrained to initiate legal action against such illegal activities.
HAWOs shall not misrepresent themselves as Board’s Members or use and print the logo of AWBI on their letterheads/visiting cards.
The HAWOs should endeavour to impart humane education training to have compassion for humane treatment of animals to the public in his/her area so as to bring awareness for animal welfare.
The HAWO is required mandatorily to submit a quarterly report of his/her activities to the Board.

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