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  • Schedules I to VI of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

  • Letter dated 6-5-2015 and Certificate for Transport of Animals under Rule 96 - Proforma


      Submission of application is not sufficient for filming (animal shooting) to be done. The film shooting with animals can only be done after formal approval of AWBI and after prior intimation of date, time and exact location of film shooting is communicated to the Board. If details of shooting (date, place, time of shooting with sufficient time) is not intimated to the Board, as required, the Board reserves the right not to issue NOC.

      The applicants must submit the CDs with signature and seal of the Film Company on the CDs while applying for No Objection Certificate (NOC).

      The Board has authorised the State Animal Husbandry Departments to issue the Certificates required for Transportation of Animals as per the Transport of Animals Rules, 1978. This is brought to the notice of all concerned.  Hence, those who require the Certificate for transporting animals may kindly contact the State Animal Husbandry Department for the same.

        Applicants who are applying for registration /permission for films/ AD films/TV Serials/Pet Shows etc should enclose a copy of Identity Card of the Applicant (Company ID Card) and for the owner of the animal (Voter ID Card/PAN Card/any ID proof) as proof of Identity of the Applicant and the owner of the animal.

        In view of the middlemen signing applications for Pre-shoot Permission and NOC, it has been decided that only authorised persons can sign in the Applications (on behalf of the Company/Firm) for Pre-shoot Permission and NOC. The Company/Firm shall furnish a letter along with the filled up application authorizing a particular person to sign such applications, correspondence along with a resolution of the Board of Directors (in the case of Limited Company) and Identity proof of the Company/Firm and the authorised signatory shall also be furnished in all cases.

        The applicants shall intimate about use of computer graphics/dummy/animation of animals' performance with details of such scenes at the time of seeking pre-shoot permission itself. They shall also furnish an affidavit in a Rs.20/- stamp paper about the specific scenes of animals shown in computer graphics/dummy/animation while applying for NOC.

        While forwarding NOC application, 2 CDs containing actual animal scenes (including computer graphics/animated/dummy) which are going to be shown in the final film shall be sent. If computer graphics/animation/dummy scenes are used, then a CD containing the rushes/making of the computer graphics/animation/dummy scenes shall also be sent.

        It has been brought to the notice of the Board that Nasir Afzal Khan having address - Room No.13, Ganesh Nagar, Rahiwasi Sankgh, Kurla (E), Mumbai-24 who supplies animals for shooting in films has been mis-representing himself as a Member of the Board and also misleading people in the film industry. The Board has taken serious note of this information and has decided to blacklist him and also decided not to consider the applications received from Nasir Afzal Khan for using of animals in films/ad films/serials.

        Please use the application forms which are uploaded in this Website.

        In case of Serials, please furnish the Episode Number and date of telecast in Television and Channel Name. (This is mandatory).

        Please send all correspondence only to the AWBI office at Chennai. The Board has no “Agents”, “Middle man” or “Authorized persons” in any place and all persons posing as such are impostors and criminals.

        The applicants while submitting the CDs/DVDs for approval, wherever computer graphics animals scenes are used, has to submit the CDs/DVDs with scroll message in English and regional language that no animal(s) was harmed during the shooting of the film and that “Computer Graphics/Animation/stock footage” was used for the animals. CDs/DVDs without this message will not be considered. The message submitted to the Board in the CDs/DVDs should be also shown in the main part of the film.

        The applications received for inclusion of additional animals in the film/Ad film/TVS etc after issue of permission by the Board, must be accompanied by an application form along with a DD for Rs.500/- for each such application, seeking pre-shoot permission from the Board.

        All those animals scenes which look obviously animated eg. like cartoons may not be sent to the Board for approval.

        Dogs used in dog shows have to be vaccinated and documents certied by Veterinary doctors that the dogs taking part in the show have been vaccinated to prevent these dogs from catching/spreading diseases should be furnished by the Applicants.

        The AWBI strongly discourages the use of touts and middlemen to obtaining this permission. Several persons posing as middlemen as fooling gullible producers into using them. There is one Nasir Afzal Khan in Mumbai and one Ramdas in Chennai who claim to be touts for this purpose. We once again request all producers to apply directly to the AWBI. Please e-mail us if you have any doubts.

        For filming the animals housed in the recognised Zoo/Snake Park, prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden of the concerned State and the Zoo Operator should be obtained.




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